Illumination is four minutes of bubbly Berlin School electronics, think Tangerine Dream, providing the foundation for progressive electric guitar. - Henry Schneider, Expose Online Magazine

Electro Space Rock Guitarist, Saint Luminus, is bringing the meditative sounds of the Universe and progressive rock together in one harmonious sonic experience. Fans say the music is beautiful yet progressive & uplifting.

Saint Luminus is like a brand new planet of music amongst a world of tired guitar riffage and typical 3 chord 3 minute uninspired commodities of music. Unusual and emotional guitar work is what its really all about.

You can find the music of Saint Luminus available on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more!

What the fans say:

“‘Illumination’ has so much wonder and awe.”

“Will be an add to my Playlist of Life!”

“Cool electronic music with great guitar work. Inspiration!”

“It’s #interstellar fabulous!”