How many people give up a professional good paying job to pursue a career in music? How many musicians watch their physical playing ability and technique crumble after 15 years, and then relearn their instrument from the ground up all over again? That is exactly the sacrifices William Rustrum, who goes by the Stage moniker of Saint Luminus, has undergone in order to pursue his passion for music.

With a decade and a half track record of writing, recording, and performing original music while fronting the Premier Tribute to Megadeth, Hangar 18, William also attained a degree from the esteemed Musician's Institute.

After rebuilding his guitar playing technique with the guidance of Jamie Andreas, William chose to go toward a new direction as a guitar player. He adopted the name Saint Luminus, and the musical direction is a combination of the ambience of Pink Floyd and the terrific guitar solos of Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Marty Friedman.

Saint Luminus is setting his sights on not just performing music for fans, but making each performance a musical experience.