LA Songnet showcase quick review

For the last 14 to 15 years, I have always performed with a band. Last Wednesday Jan 15th was my first solo performance, and what better place to do so than a hip coffeehouse in Altadena. This was Songwriter's showcase from the LA Songwriter's Network. About 7 other singer/songwriters also performed, and each had their own style and flair which was really cool to see.

The place was called the Coffee Gallery, and it has a great ambience with a small stage in the front, and much bigger stage in the back. We performed on the stage in front. We were each allowed to perform two songs, and I decided to perform one with my acoustic while I sing, and the second song was on my Fender Strat with no vocals.


I performed one of my latest songs, Blue Sky, on the acoustic. The produced version of the song has a fadeout, so I had to come up with a fun little ending for this performance.

Next, I performed with just the Strat. I play Classical Style when sitting which has been terrific for my guitar playing in general.

I met a couple of other very nice songwriters that evening. This performance was very impromptu as I hadn't planned on doing any performances until I have finished writing and producing my latest collection of music. But this was just two songs, so I didn't have to spend a huge amount of time preparing it.

All in all it was a great experience, and the people who run it, Jimi and Melissa, are wonderful people. Whether you are a singer/songwriter or not, check them out at