Songwriting Challenge!


Pat Pattison is an incredibly inspiring teacher. After taking a songwriting class with him, I finally write fearlessly! For the Holidays, I got one of his books as a gift. It has a 14 day challenge where everyday you write lines, and you do so for 14 days straight. You get one word and write as many lines as you can in 5 minutes involving your senses. Touch, Sound, Smell, Sight, Taste, Body, Motion. Then do the same with a different word for 10 minutes. And repeat again a third word but for 90 seconds.


When time crunched like this, its amazing what comes up. At this moment, 90 seconds is very tough because the time goes by so quick. To your right is what came to me in 5 Minute with the word, "Sky."

Take 5 minutes yourself. What lines come to you?