I vow to never produce a CD as an artist!


Don't let the title fool you, I am busy writing and producing music right now. In fact, I am finishing off the last two songs right now. Further, I will be releasing this music for people's music consumption. However, I will not do so on CD. Oh I'm sure there some who are shaking their heads, and surprisingly there are many independent songwriters/artists who are also shaking their heads. But please be patient with me as I explain.

It is 2014, commercial CDs and CD players were available in 1982. Wait a minute, that was 32 years ago! If we as artists are supposed to be so progressive and free with our expressions as we write our music, why do we insist on still releasing our material in a medium which is over 30 years old? Not only is it old, its way overpriced in both production and in buying. All of that plastic of the Jewel case is so trite, generic, and unappealing. What a waste and not to mention it is not green. :)

My vow is to never release something as out of date as a CD. I am not beholden to a record label, nor do I need to succumb to their whim that I must release my music on an outdated format. It is 2014 and we can choose. I will be releasing my music as downloads only. The music will be released in a digital format with digital artwork. I may even be convinced to produce a neat USB stick. But the CD is outdated and will be gone soon. Record labels are also out of touch, and can't get over their old business model which has ruined the music industry. So if they won't do anything about the world and technology changing, then we as artists need to do so.

The internet has changed everything. As much as many prefer the good old days, they won't be coming back. You can't un-invent the internet. And as we see, the more artists and the record labels try to fight technology, the more they lose.

You have my word, I will never release a CD EVER!


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