Latest release is almost there!!!!

I got my Masters from Lurrsen Mastering. However, I am still waiting for cover artwork to be done. So officially, these songs are not ready to release yet. In the meantime, I have been exhaustively writing. I am just about done with the first draft of one song, and I finished the first drafts of a couple of other songs.

I also wanted to quickly mention that I for the first time I am writing a song by writing the melody first and then writing everything else around it. This is new for me as I typically write some chord changes and then write a melody to go with that. And I gotta tell you I really like the way this is turning out. I may have to approach writing like this more often.

Lastly, I have been doing a lot of research into rebuilding my live rig. For years I have performed with a rack mounted rig, but now I have decided on going with an extensive pedalboard. Getting pieces of it together as I write this, and its so exciting to discover the sonic possibilities with such a rig. More on this soon.

Alright, please keep on the lookout for my latest release which should be out in June! Then I shall be out performing and promoting this latest release.