This blog has officially changed, music only. :)

I have been obsessed with Seth Godin and his books. One thing which struck me is that Seth recommends people start their own blog and write in it every single day. The posts don't have to be long, just post. I thought about this for a minute and realized why not take the same approach but post musical snippets every day. I believe music is a universal language, and its one way (albeit a very important way) we communicate with each other. So rather than have people read my blather like any other blog, this blog will contain daily snippets of original music. I hope this form of communication will inspire you, make you feel good, or take you away from your stressful day.

If the feeling arises, I may post some text to go along with the music. This starts now and with the very next post. So listen on, there's nothing more to read. :)