Memorizing so much information is useless....& Dull.

Way back when I was in college, I came to realize that memorizing everything was kind of useless. I mean we’ve been taught to memorize ass loads of information because it was going to be on the test.

But since my major was Electrical Engineering, I spent more time doing math & solving problems rather than purely memorizing. It was more fun to solve a problem rather than regurgitate things by rote.

Oh yes…..and in 2007 when the first iPhone came out and their advertisement showed how friends could answer silly little questions by simply looking it up on your phone……well….

That definitely sealed it. Memorizing stuff is seriously a waste of brain space when you could be contemplating more interesting things.

And last night I watched a Netflix show about our brains and memory. They talked about a Memorization world champion. She could memorize hundreds of numbers within minutes.

Soooooo? How is that useful except for Parlor Tricks and to make a trek from one daytime show to another and yet again to display Parlor Tricks.

Look I realize there is entertainment value……but other than that…..Soooo?

Who do you find more interesting? Elon Musk or the Memorization Champion of the planet? Steve Jobs or the Memorization Champion of the planet?

Instead of continuing to memorize things, let’s use our brain power to find interesting problems to solve…..and solve them. It doesn’t have to be something which changes the whole world. It could be as simple as solving a problem with eating in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Crap…..that would be infinitely more interesting to hear how someone’s life was changed rather than hear about someone memorizing a whole book and then reciting it. Geez.

So seriously…..I think we need to have a look at how having a huge memory bank is considered “Smart” or interesting. Its not. Its pointless.

Whatever facts you’ve memorized can easily be found on your phone.

A true Artist.......Jerry Seinfeld.

Even if you didn’t like his show, Seinfeld, or even if you loved it……..there is something quite fascinating about this guy.

Late last year I watched an autobiography/standup routine of Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix. The autobiography part was cool, but it was the stand up which blew my mind!

It was very funny, and yet there was no profanity. In fact it was very clean. So clean it was ridiculously refreshing. And never once did he mention his show. He never once mentioned his costars on the show either.

He just did Stand Up! And it was good.

A couple of months ago I went to Las Vegas and my fiancee bought us tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar’s Palace.

Ok……it was realllllly funny. On a scale of 1-10, I gave it a 10…..maybe a 9 if I’m being nitpicky. The audience absolutely loved it, and there were so many people laughing and saying things like….”Oh that’s so true!”

And all the while I noticed how he again never mentions the show. Never mentioned his costars. In fact if you didn’t know any better, you would say that he never had an iconic hit Sitcom.

Lastly on Netflix there is a standup routine by Seinfeld which was made a few short months after his show ended. I mean surely he’ll mention the show….yeah?

He did the whole standup never once mentioning the show nor his costars. Almost zero profanity….and even when he talked about sex it was still verrry clean & very funny.

Whether you liked his show or not, You have to give it to him. He doesn’t rely on his old show for applause and attention. He doesn’t follow the modern trends in standup comedy nowadays. He continues to write new material and just gets up there to do the thing he loves doing the most. Standup!

Its incredible…..a true artist. He still writes new material, travels and does what he does best.

Go check out his Standup Routines on Netflix. Please go pay the money to see him Live if you can. Its a rarity to see someone display his true art form.

Which do you prefer...Art Form over Social Media or Social Media over Art Form

Yesterday I read an interesting article about an Electronic music duo. I found them because I was Googling about an old sequencer from the 90s.

As I was reading how they used this sequencer, one of the duo talked about being on a small record label. And he talked about how its a good idea for a small act like them to be on a label. This way they can work on their music & their craft, and the label can work on the promotion & marketing.

He also mentioned that its weird that musicians/artists nowadays spend 5 hours a day on Facebook etc, and 1 hour on their music. It should be the other way around.

As you know I keep talking about the Art Form of Guitar and how so very few people are interested in Guitar as an Art Form. Of course this means the guitar player spends a lot of time practicing, writing, and doing whatever they can to express themselves the most through the instrument. And they continue to do so year after year after year. It just is.

And as you also know, I post content every single day. It means a lot to keep you engaged with what I am doing as Saint Luminus. This means producing videos like my 3Days of Improvisation videos. But shooting, editing, and putting the videos out there on Social Media is very time consuming.

Finding guitars, info and pics of our Universe, & other infamous guitar players to share on Social Media is very time consuming. I mean…..I can’t just share any old thing. I want to share something meaninful, not just any old crap I can retweet or share.

All of this being said, I have a question for YOU about music nowadays. Is it better for musicians/artists to spend a lot of time on Social Media, delivering content, interacting with you a regular basis, but their music & skill level is ok, they don’t release a lot of new music, nor do a lot of live playing, but the amount of content they deliver through the internet is constant and numerous?

Or…..Is it better that they are reallllly good at what they do, they release new music quite regularly, really know how to put on a live show, constantly write & practice…..and it shows…….but they don’t put out too much internet content because they are constantly and busily working hard on their craft to deliver the best they can through their instrument and songs?

I’d love to know what you think about this, send me an e-mail or let me know on Twitter, FB, Insta….etc.

Warning: Tech speak on using Midi over Ethernet

Well for the first time, I used Midi over an ethernet cable. OMG…..this is brilliant and has been around for about a decade. But hardly anyone ever uses it or talks about it.

Perhaps no one talks about it because its so geeky. :)

But I have a Midi interface to connect some of my old rack gear & synths over midi. I usually use a USB connection because its simple and just works. The Midi interface has 4 Midi DIN I/Os. I could create some midi on my computer and then route it all out to my Bass Station, my Moog, and my trusty QY100 through regular old midi cable.

Cool, this works fine. But what about Live usage???

Ohhhhhhhh, this is where Ethernet is brilliant.

See my laptop has two USB ports. One is for a thumbdrive to hold backing track files, the other is for the audio interface so my backing tracks can go out to a drummer and to the Front of House.

But I also want the computer to control my synths as well as my guitar rig which can all be controlled by Midi.

Wait…..I have no more USB ports. I’d have to bring a USB hub to connect.

I used Ethernet instead. I connected an ethernet cable from my laptop to my midi interface. Put the midi interface by my gear and ran shorter midi cables to my guitar gear and synths.

I don’t have to run tons of midi cable all over the floor from the laptop to my gear.

In fact the laptop can be quite far away as Ethernet runs up to about 300 feet. Plus Ethernet cable is durable and really cheap.

For home use in your small studio, Midi over Ethernet may not matter.

But for Live use, its awesome. I highly recommend it, and I wish more products would have ethernet connections rather than USB or standard midi.

Really….its quite easy to setup.

Note: USB can go about 10 feet before it won’t work that well. Realize USB was meant for short distances. Ethernet was made for long distances.

The old fashioned way of making music......

The songs we love the most have chord changes & different section which provide tension & release in the music as well as take us on a journey.

Well……most of us love this. Even Classical music did this, though the chords were sometimes implied more than simply played outright with a piano as accompaniment.

With that in mind, I was reading an article about a 20 year old music sequencer called the QY700. This is the bigger brother to the QY100 which I have.

The author talked about how the QY700 was really geared toward writing songs rather than just sequencing up tone generators/synthesizers. Although you could do that if you wanted.

Whereas today’s music products, including computer software, aren’t geared toward writing songs. Most are just blank canvases to create whatever you want with nearly zero limitations. In most cases there is no structure other than you must have electricity.

Sounds like utopia, huh? Then why is so much music made today so uninspiring & lifeless?

I completely dig that this old QY700 was geared toward writing songs. This means it has some creative limitations. You can’t do everything with it.

YES! This is good! It really focuses the user to write good songs rather than patch together tech geek sounds which other producers & engineers will talk about. The user is kind of nudged into making a song with chord changes and different sections.

The old fashioned way of making music had chord changes, sections with tension & release which took the listener on a journey. Today’s music products don’t nudge the user to do that. In fact today’s music can be made without breaking a sweat. Just point & click.

Even the latest hardware music products are geared toward creating interesting and unique sounds rather than composing songs.

But you know what…..we listeners notice the lack of sweat, hard work, & passion put in by pointing & clicking. Its noticeable. You’ve noticed it, yeah?

My old piece of hardware......and its so inspirational

For my latest EP, I wrote parts using my old Yamaha QY100. I created a lot of the sound textures with that QY100 too.

The QY is about 20 years old, and that being the case it means its quite limited in what it can do compared to today’s music making software.

But a couple of days ago I was creating sounds which I could use in rehearsal. I dug in really deep with the QY and made some fascinating & lively instrument sounds. I learned a few things that the QY could do which I had never known.

I went at this for hours….completely engrossed by what I was doing. Yes I do mean hours. I even skimped on my guitar practice time because I was so focused and engaged.

Later that time before bed, I realized I am never that engrossed when I use computer software to compose.

The limitless amounts of choices by using computers for music making almost makes one stagnant if not bored by the music making process.

But geez the opposite was happening with the QY100. I was completely inspired and in the moment. And isn’t that what Art and creating should be about rather than a chore?

In fact while I’m writing this, I’m just now thinking about going back and making more music with my old QY.

I’m a total tech nerd, and I love what computers can do. But man there is something about these ingenious old pieces of hardware that just force you to work hard, get inspired, and create good shit.

Traveling with music

Nah, I don’t mean taking a trip somewhere and bringing along music. Nor do I mean going somewhere and listening to the local music.

I’m talking about letting music take you on a trip somewhere. I must admit I had some fantastic teachers in music school. I remember one of them telling us how using chord changes in music, the listener has gone traveling by leaving home. They go off on their journey and then eventually return home.

So indeed most music for the last few decades has been this way. Writing a song with just one chord is not really taking the listener anywhere, they are just sitting in one spot. Home.

So as I listen to a lot of new music nowadays, I’ve noticed that many songwriters & producers don’t really have chord changes. They pretty much sit on one chord, or no chord really, and go through a whole song like that.

Writing a song with no chord changes is usually a sign of people who write their first few songs.

But now major songs on hot Spotify Playlists rarely use chord changes.

In other words, they are no longer taking us, the listeners, on a trip somewhere. We get to sit in one place with mindnumbing music.

I like using chord changes in my music, even if its just 3 chords. Its amazing all of the feelings & different directions one can go.

So if you listen to today’s latest and greatest and wonder why the songs sucks so bad? One reason is probably because the producers stopped taking you on a wonderful journey.

That’s too bad.

Embrace the Suck.....

I mentioned before how everyone sucks when they first try something.

If we were really more honest with what we see out in the world, we would see that even people who are a “natural” at something weren’t exactly that good when they first started. But probably better than some others.

Look…….every single person who has picked up the guitar for the very first time absolutely stunk at it. YES EVERY SINGLE ONE. But the ones who continued to become some of the greatest players all knew how to Embrace the Suck!

I got this term from a professional athlete. You would think someone who makes a living being fit wouldn’t have a problem when competing. But he knows what happens when he is about 18 miles or so into a marathon. Self doubt and pain creeps in. He straight up says it hurts! Rather than let it bring him down, he deals with it. He doesn’t ignore it or try to push it from his mind. Rather he waits for these awful feelings to show up……and when they do he embraces it. He knows it won’t go away, so its best just to embrace it…..almost like letting himself and these feelings do a little dance.

He calls this Embrace the Suck.

I’ve learned to do so when I work out, and when I make music. I know the self doubt will creep in at some point. I also know there will be points where I am not playing as good as I would like.

I’ve come to terms with this kind of Suck. I don’t ignore it nor try to push it away. Rather, I recognize it and say, “Oh there you are!” We’ve met many many times, so its not a stranger. Nope…..instead I Embrace the Suck.

No matter who you are, it will be there. You should………

Embrace the Suck!!!

The cold hard truth of being a "Natural" at something.

You still have to work your ass off. There, that is the cold hard truth.

Man, do you remember as a kid that there were others who were just naturally “gifted” at something? At that you shouldn’t bother pursuing something extraordinary or exciting unless you already had a “gift”?

As I’ve gotten older, and been around “gifted” people, I’ve learned the cold hard truth.

Even people who are a “natural” or have a “gift” have to work their ass off in order to make a living doing that one thing. The ones who don’t think they need to work their ass off because they take their talent for granted end up doing something else for a living and always looking in the rearview mirror at their past.

But here is the good news. If you are not a “natural” at something….well….you have to work your ass off. YES! This means you can do that one thing you are passionate about even if you don’t have a “gift” for it. You just have to work your ass off and pursue with a passion you never knew existed in you.

In today’s modern society who cares if someone is a “natural”. That doesn’t mean much on its face. The question is what are they going to do about it. Take it for granted and eventually make a living doing a job they don’t like, or go for it with gusto and build upon it year after year.

Secret: Most won’t pursue it.

Secret: Every person sucked at what they do at one time or another.

I suppose what I’m ultimately saying is, “Embrace the suck!”

Is this you? Excited to see vintage items.....classics?

There will always be a vintage market for something of interest. Vintage photography, vintage video games, vintage furniture….etc etc.

For me it is music hardware. Old school fx processors, synthesizers, mixing boards, amplifiers.

Its crazy to look at because you just want to reach out and use it. You want to turn knobs and see what happens.

But that sort of excitement is strangely absent when it comes to computer software. Though I have some fun when using software, it feels like “a job” when I’m mousing around the screen. Even on very colorful and fun interfaces, and those which emulate and look like real hardware, still feel like “work”.

Last night I was creating a synthesizer sound to play a lead for one of my songs. I used the Bass Station 2. I was literally oblivious to the outside world for an hour and a half as I creating different tones and textures to play with. I didn’t feel at all like “work”.

Ok…..the Bass Station 2 is not a vintage synth, but it is NOT a plug-in, and you do have to turn knobs and what not just like an old school synth. To be honest, the awesome old school synths are crazy expensive. $1000 for an 80’s Roland MKS-70???? Geez.

I would love to know how you feel about vintage items. No matter your hobby or interest, tell me if you get the same vibe about old school, hands on things which were made back in the day and like they used to.

Guitar players don't know a poser, but a live music audience does.

Scrolling through Instagram I saw an ad for a Blues Guitar System based on using a “Heatmap” of where to put your fingers. Alrighty……whatever.

So the guy doing the ad plays along to a backing track and plays some licks. It wasn’t bad, lots of shredding notes, but his vibrato just wasn’t really there. Its the kind of vibrato which shredders do……the kind of vibrato which has no emotion, but the string is moving.

I read the comments on the ad and all of these guys were saying stuff like, “cool playing bro” and “yeah this heatmap really helped me focus.”

I mean…..clearly this little instructional package is for guitar players and not for an audience of people who like music.

Cool……and although other guitar players can’t tell the difference between someone who plays the blues by using a system rather than by loving and sweating out the emotions from great players of the past…….a live audience will notice the difference.

They will pay for the real raw emotion from music and specifally the blues, and not for the constant finger gymnastics showing off a “Heatmap System” of mechanics.

How shredding guitar players lack the necessary emotion, & how the old timers get right.

Attention music lovers: Vibrato is insanely important when it comes to guitar playing.

If you don’t know, vibrato is a slight change in pitch up & down in a rhythmic motion. When done right, it is very expressive & emotional.

So last night I was at a local show and my friend’s bands were playing.

I couldn’t help but notice that their guitar players tended to shred lots of notes & played notes & patterns which were very random……or in their world…….they played stuff which was very “Prog”.

But on the rare instances where they included vibrato, it was very non expressive and just there almost unnoticeable.

Over the years I’ve noticed this on a lot of players who shred. They prioritize finger gymnastics over a proper vibrato. I love a fast licks too, but when a player ends a line with a weak vibrato, its like building something up and then pulling the rug out.

If you are not a musician, give a listen to vibrato. Singers do it, guitarists, violin players, nearly all musicians. A good vibrato really gets into your soul.

If you are a guitar player… listen to SRV….its not just note choices or fancy patterns…..listen to that vibrato….holy moly. Fine…SRV not cool enough….how about Marty Friedman. One the biggest “Shred” guys ever. Listen to his vibrato. He manages to shred away and yet still have a lot of emotion in his playing. And when he lets that vibrato keep going and going……Holy Hell…..its no wonder he is regarded as one of the best.

Stop ignoring poor vibrato, use it and abuse it for real. The audience will thank you and fall in love with you.

Perfect is boring. Perfect is not Art

Yes quite regularly I see videos of people making music “perfectly”. Meaning they are playing a well known song or solo and it sounds exactly like the original recording.  

And if you read people’s comments, there is lots of praise for this perfection.  

Yet if you enough about recording and producing recordings of music you also know that these “perfect” players are cheating.  

They have the original recording of the song playing while they move their fingers through the fretboard in time with the music. Sometimes I don’t actually hear their guitar so it’s the same as Lip Syncing. 

The other trick is that they are actually playing guitar, but they don’t quite have it down. So they have their guitar part a little lower in volume than the original recording. This way any mistakes or imperfections are masked.  

This is quite regular on the internet. This isn’t art, it’s not interesting, and most importantly it’s just fake. They are the Milli Vanilli of guitar.  

I prefer to be real & what you hear and see is really me in that very moment making real music. And doing it imperfectly.  


Because perfect is boring. Perfect is not art.  

As a music & guitar teacher, I’ve noticed people making music and sometimes it’s not quite right. The teacher in me is tempted to give advice which they haven’t asked for.  

So do I give advice to these people I don’t even know?  NO! I don’t. Ultimately there’s no point, they didn’t ask for advice. Nor are they going to heed my advice. Plus I think it’s kind of rude of me to do so. 

Let’s turn it around, I recently did a video of me playing music from Rush. I worked hard to get it to sound good, but ultimately it was not perfect. But I need to put out the vid even if it’s not perfect. I just want to share my love of Rush. That’s it.  

Yet people on Social Media are pointing out how it’s not perfect. And they give advice  

Yes I already know it’s not perfect. No I’m not trying to sound exactly like Alex Lifeson to the point where my playing is indistinguishable from his. And yes I know they generally have good intentions. 

And lastly I wasn’t asking for advice on my playing, I’m sharing. That’s it.  

So when I see others make videos of themselves making music, I simply say Thank you for sharing. And I mean it even if their playing isn’t great. It doesn’t matter that it’s not perfect, just make music. 

Though lots of people love to nitpick & criticize nowadays, don’t let that stop YOU from creating even if it’s not perfect. 

Perfect is boring. Perfect is not Art.  

Welcome to the era of the Mooch!

Know what a mooch is? Here is a simple definition from Google:

Mooch (verb): ask for or obtain something without paying for it.

Mooch (Noun): beggar or scrounger

I think you know someone like this, yeah? I used to know a guy who would go to parties, stay all day to mooch food and rather than go home when the party is over……well he stays….because he knows the hosts will eventually have to eat as well and they will include him in dinner.

The last few years I’ve seen this on Social Media. People I know begging for things and giving nothing in return. For example a friend who doesn’t have Showtime and won’t pay for it…..yet begging on Social media for someone to give them their password & account so they can watch the latest show.

Another friend who poked around on Social Media begging for someone to give her and her boyfriend an “in” to an exclusive Magic Club…..and do it for Free….because…..well we’re friends.

And then there is today. Where a friend posted on Social Media that she wants to know if someone has a hookup to an exclusive event in Hollywood. Someone who can get her in for just one night only…..ever. She’ll never ask again, just this one time.

What gets me is the gall of people. People who feel that its all good to beg and get freebies and never pay for anything. This notion that someone should give them something for free. How often have they reached out to a friend and offered them something for free? Probably never.

Its different when things are mutual between friends. If I refer clients to a friend so he gets some business, then its fine if I ask him to get me into an exclusive club.

If someone is going to blast everybody on their Social Media hoping to get a bite and get something for free, then at the very least spend three and a half bucks and get a thank you card and write a heartfelt message of thanks to the person who did that favor.

No one likes mooches. Stop mooching!

Woot! Woot! Getting together with a drummer to make music like they used to...

I’m just so inspired by some of the great musicians out there like Carl Verheyen, Andy Timmons, Don Randi & his group.

I’m getting together with a drummer friend of mine to play some of my music as well as play some of our favorite cover songs. He and I share the same ideas in that the vast majority of musicians/artists out there aren’t willing to improvise or really shake things up musically.

He is willing to take the risk with me to make music sound different, exciting, and fresh.

The plan is to play Live shows and have at least two hours of music ready to play.

Can’t wait to hear how we put this all together…..

You think you know some of my tunes by now???? Wait until we start adding some breakdowns and spots for improvisation & fun. Its going to be a blast.

Keep you posted.

Once again.....the modern music industry has its head up its ass...

Back to Don Randi last Saturday night.

The majority of the songs were instrumental, lots of improvisation, with some short breaks as Don introduced the band members and told some stories.

After about an hour, and so far there had been no singing, I decided to just look around the room at the audience.


Out of 50 people in the room, 1 person was looking at their phone. Everybody was watching & listening to the band and grooving along.

How many local musicians/artists would like to fill a small room in LA with 50 people who aren’t their best friends & family? And how many of these local musicians/artists want an audience that listens and grooves along to every song rather than be on their phone most of the time???

Answer: Every single one.

Yet this performance by Don Randi is against everything the industry tells you. He doesn’t have the massive online following, there wasn’t any singing (thereby no display of crafty & brilliant lyric writing in order to achieve Hot Spofify list placement), and there was extended improvisation rather than perfectly practiced songs to sound exactly like a recording.

There wasn’t some rehearsed talk in between songs nor was there a huge stage presence of dancing and interacting with crowd like Pop Stars are supposed to.

The Modern Music industry is interested in Pop music(and its sub genres) and fame seekers. Anything else, except Hip Hop/R&B is not even worthy of looking into.

Granted Don Randi doesn’t need the modern music industry, but I found it interesting to see the polar opposite of the music business advice I receive.

Truth is……music business consultants and industry leaders really don’t know what they’re talking about.

You know who does? The people who aren’t in the business and like music. That’s who truly understands.

What's its like seeing iconic music makers performing.......not pop stars.....

Saturday night my friend invited me to come see him perform so we could hang and catch up.

He is a percussionist and his played with the likes of Dweezil Zappa, Lou Rawls and more.

He was playing percussion for Don Randi. Don was part of the infamous Wrecking Crew and did a lot of keyboard session work for Phil Spector during the Wall of Sound era. Don has played on hit songs by the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, etc etc.

Basically if you’ve never heard the name of Don Randi, you’ve definitely heard his playing.

The rest of the guys in the band also have a glorious past but I don’t know them that well. Though I can tell you that the drummer, Bernie Dressell, is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him before playing drums with my idol…Carl Verheyen.

Anyway I’m listening & watching to these guys play and they are about 10 feet away from me. As I listen, I just can’t help noticing how locked in these guys are. And this was during improvisation parts. They really listened and communicated with each other to bring about an incredible music experience.

And here is Don…..playing away and kicking ass. And in between songs tells his experience of recording back in the 60s, 70s, & 80s. The stories are just wild! He’s never stopped playing!

And I thought about today’s young musicians, this passion for making music…for working on that craft of musicianship……that spirit of improvisation…….. all gone nowadays. I don’t know of any one really young person just going for it on their instrument because they love it more than life itself. Older musicians…yes.

But the next generation of cats who really want to tear it up? Nah, replaced by guys & gals more interested in being famous rather than making music and continually hungry for the craft itself.

Don is in his mid 70s, and played for two hours before taking a break and then coming back to do a second set. And I think each of you reading this would have been enjoyed every single second of this performance because you would hear and feel the music of good musicians…..and not fame seekers. You can tell the difference a mile away.

Playing music is just like writing a book.....

I was looking at some old files and found this treasure of a quote. I can’t remember where I got this, but thought I’d share it with you because its soooooo good!

“Playing music is akin to writing a book: it is not a prerequisite to use all the difficult words of the dictionary to tell an interesting story. What's more important is to use the right words to hold the attention of the reader; and use the appropriate words that will convey the message, mood, emotions and visuals that the author would like the reader to experience. Having said that, the broader your vocabulary the easier it will be to capture the right emotions and visuals.“

I feel that people who play an instrument as a hobby think they have to live up to using very complicated phrases and music theory in order to make music.

But as the quote above tells us, its more a matter of using the right words. And the right words in music may be just one note…..or just one chord.

Of course over time & if you really care, your vocabulary becomes broader with more choices on how to express yourself.

Making it more complicated doesn’t make it better…..and unless you really know what you’re doing, more complications sound like gibberish which no one really absorbs or enjoys.

Its simple…..just convey your message, whatever it is, and mean it.

NOTE: This takes time, but its certainly a worthy goal no matter your level as a music maker.

Singing along to an 808 machine.......

OMG….I died laughing reading the music blog of Bob Lefsetz recently.

He said that the current music industry only wants someone who raps or sings along to an 808 machine.

Oh man…… couldn’t agree more.

In other words the fact that I play Electro Space Rock where guitar is really the kind, this is the kind of music ignored by the modern music industry.

What? You mean you prefer music made by actual musicians playing real instruments who have clearly dedicated the time on the art and craft of playing an instrument? Oh well… are also ignored by the modern music industry. They don’t care about you either.

But hey….I hope you will join me in listening, supporting, and wanting something other than Rap and singers singing along to an 808 machine.

What’s an 808? Click here: