Reason #3 why Frank Zappa was such an inspiration

After reading numerous interviews from Frank, it was readily apparent that he knew his music was a business. He talks about paying his musicians for their work, paying union scale, the costs of printing up vinyl, and the sales of units. Frank started his own label waaaay back in the late 60’s. Nowadays there are many new artists who start their own label, but in the 60’s?

He also spoke of taking the money he made from his albums and touring, and putting that money back into writing and recording the next album. So fascinating as he doesn’t go on and on about being famous or living a famous person’s lifestyle with parties, drugs, and alcohol. It seems he knew his business was to constantly make music and knew that if his business didn’t make money, he couldn’t afford to put new music.

Many artists talk about our music as a business nowadays, and we feel we can do our thing without record labels. But WOW! To see someone do this back in the 60’s and 70’s! Talk about a man before his time.

Yep, Music is inside every single one of us. Even if you aren't "musical"

I talked to a friend today about taking music lessons for banjo. She seems to feel she is not musical, but her family is musical. I guess she feels she is a black sheep. Despite this, she really wants to learn to play the banjo.

After our talk, I really thought about this when I was alone. Now I hear people all of the time who say they are not musical. I thought this is really strange because music is all around us. Its everywhere we go. It infects us every single day. In fact I would venture to say that there is music inside our head all of the time. Whether you are a banker, electrician, or in non-creative fields, music is in you all of the time. It doesn’t make sense to say you are NOT musical. Now if you lived your life without music whatsoever, and daily you have absolutely no exposure to music, then it makes sense that you are not musical. Its never around you at all.

For example, I’m not surround by people speaking ancient languages. There is no way I could possibly speak or express myself in that language. That would be impossible. Its not around me.

So what is happening when people say they are NOT musical? Even though they music in their heads, even though music is around us every single day? Simple, no one ever encouraged them to express themselves that way. No one ever taught the physical nature of playing an instruments. It does take motor movements in order to play an instrument. No matter how much music is inside you, its impossible to make good music without at least learning the motor movements necessary in order to produce sound.

Think you aren’t “musical”? Guess again, its in you. Take notice of that music voice inside your head. Take notice of the enormous amounts of music in the outside world. Your exposed to it constantly. Time to let some of it out. If it doesn’t sound great, time to find a good teacher who will teach you those motor movements in order to produce sound. You got this……let it come out. We need it!!!! :)

If you absolutely love Shred Guitar, my music is probably not for you.

Years ago my friend from Northern California insisted I see her guitar playing friend play a couple of songs. It was at a music merchandising convention so it was just the guitar player playing to a backing track. There was a decent crowd right as he was about to start. I’d say about 20-25 people standing around him.

He starts to play to the standard 80’s rock/metal backing tracks. Lots of notes, fast playing, legato, arpeggio, tapping, you name it. After about a minute I was getting a little bored because nothing changed. Just a lot of notes going on and on.

Of course I thought to myself that I was just being a snobby jerk because I was just bored and kind of wanted to leave. I thought, “Am I the only one who has lost interest here??” So I stopped watching him and look around the group of 20 or so people. About half either started looking at their phones or turned around to talk to a friend, or busy looking around someplace else.

So perhaps I was not the only a little bored by this amazing display of finger gymnastics.

As time has gone on and I’ve truly embraced that music is a language, I’ve started to think why I don’t care much for “Shred Guitar”.

Its simple, Shredding away on guitar is like the guy from television commercials in the 80s who spoke insanely fast. It was amusing and truly a sight to behold. Perfect for 30 second commercials. But I couldn’t imagine having a whole conversation with this guy if he talked like that on and on. Its fascinating for about a minute before you just can’t take it.

Now this is just me, I know there are lots of people who just a love someone shredding away endlessly on guitar, and they wish they could shred away endlessly on guitar. Cool. I’m just not someone who does like that type of music making. So guess what, I don’t do “Shredding” per se. Yeah I do play some fast guitar parts, but its in moderation depending on what it is I’m trying to say in my music.

Love Shred? Cool. But I might not be your guy. Guitar lines have to have a little bit of Soul. I know I’m in the right space when I can capture a listener with one note. :)

Got my first true Hate Mail's how I feel about it.

A guy who subscribed to my e-mails sent an angry response to one of my e-mails entitled, “If you love Pop muisc, then Saint Luminus is probably not for you”

As most of you know, I don’t write Pop music. My music will never be on the Billboard top 10 hits. I simply don’t write music with a Pop music audience in mind. There’s plenty who do, its just not me.

And oh boy was he upset about that. He felt I was narrow minded and told me to grow up. He couldn’t believe there was anyone as immature as myself. He said he didn’t like my music, but not because the music is bad, its because he thought I was a jerk.

Ooooook. At first I felt hurt, then a bit angry. But in a few minutes I knew it would be ok. The guy simply likes Pop music and probably many other types of music as well. Since I don’t write Pop, I’m not sure he would really like what I have to offer. That’s cool. He let me know that he doesn’t like my opinion or my music. Cool. He unsubscribe and now we are on our way. He’ll continue to listen to whatever he likes, and i’ll continue to listen to and make the music I like.

I’m fine with it, its par for the course when you are putting yourself out there. Moving on. :)

Thanks for reading, I do truly love and appreciate those of you who support what I do. :)

Get it off the paper!

Years ago in music school while reading a music chart, one of my favorite teachers insisted we get the music off the paper and make it our own. Quite simply this means that after you’ve read it a couple of times, its important to quickly make the music your own, that you can play it without looking at the paper, so that it doesn’t exist solely on paper but within you. This is how the beauty of music will really come about.

This morning I was thinking about “getting it off the paper”, and realized this pertains to everyone who reads a book. For example if you read a book about swimming, it may stimulate your brain and you may have had a few “Aha!!!!” moments. But you need to get it off the paper and actually swim and do some of the things mentioned in the book. You won’t be able to bring the book with you in the water, you’ll have to do it without the book. That’s when the swimming truly belongs to you. That’s when you will truly learn and most importantly enjoy.

So my post here isn’t just for musicians, its for everyone one of us who reads in order to enlighten or entertain. Once you get it off the paper, which seems weird at first, it will belong to you. You can actually do something with it which is waaaay more than 98% of the population out there.


Its not about the gear, tone truly does start in your hands.

Take it from someone who had to relearn guitar all over again from scratch. My guitar guru and savior, Jamie Andreas, taught me proper placement of fingers, the sense of touch, amount of pressure and more when it comes to getting a note out of the guitar.

Even as of yesterday I was practicing and noticing placement of fingers truly does affect tone. For example I may play a lick and I’m playing the right note, but its not really blooming and adding to the musical phrase like it should. I slow down and look at that finger and its placement is off by just a tiny little bit. After a few minutes of slow practice to correct this, its amazing how suddenly the lick really starts to bloom and come out where it didn’t before. The amp or effects didn’t make this bloom, I DID!

And this makes sense because amplifiers, good or bad ones, don’t have a sound all by themselves. They need an input, that’s you and your guitar. If you haven’t taken the time to understand where your fingers go exactly, the right amount of pressure to get those notes to come out……guess what……the amp will just reveal that. Granted some amps are better at masking crappy playing than others, but there is no getting around the human being making the music.

I should add that tone is also in the heart. This is a bit more out there, but the sounds you make should truly come from the heart and an emotional place. This is good because it forces you to analyze your tone. If in your heart there is a certain sound not coming forth, you do your best to try to get it.

Gear is an important part so I’m not dismissing it, but don’t dismiss crappy playing. The whole thing starts with you!!!!

One nerd's opinion, reading music is better than reading a book

I’m not a doctor, neurologist, nor scientist. But it seems a general consensus that “smart” people read books and read often. In fact some people make it a mission to read a certain amount of books a year probably because they think it will be good for them. They’ll be more knowledgeable and more informed. In other words, reading is good for you and you should be doing more of it.

Well this depends. As you know from your school days, just because a person reads a book does not mean they learned something. You can’t force a person to be more informed or educated. Further… many times have you read a book and suddenly your mind wandered and you had to stop yourself for a moment and say, “wait…..what did I just read?” This is interesting because you just went through the motions of reading but mentally you absorbed nothing. Your mind was completely lost. You could go through a whole book and really get nothing out of it because you didn’t actively pay attention, but you mindlessly read words across the page.

Also reading is a passive activity, it doesn’t involve any movement in the body except movement of your eyes and your hands and arms to hold a book in front of you.

Reading music is a strange yet magical one. Just like a book, you move your eyes from left to right and you digest the symbols on the paper. However you can’t just mindlessly do it because each symbol commands a motor movement of your fingers, arms, feet, and or breath. And this is a constant thing going on while you read. Many times you have to stop reading and go back over something because you have to go over some fingering or breath control, etc etc. This cause you to be hyper aware in order to make the music you are reading.

It is my belief that this is a good thing for not just the mind and body, but even better exercise for your brain. You can’t just tune out while reading music, it forces you to take a physical action with whatever your reading. The mind and body are working in harmony rather than just focusing on one over the other.

If you don’t know how to read music on an instrument, its time to learn. I promise you will be rewarded even if you only play simple songs. Its a great thing. :)

We're only human, we love our eyes more than our ears......time to change that.

Let’s be honest, most people love listening to music with their eyes and not their ears. This is human nature. Guitar players are the worst because we are more fascinated with the crazy fast and controlled movement of fast fingers, cool amps, and what’s on someone’s pedalboard.

I admit it too! When I was younger it was amazing to watch these great players in awe of their speed.

But as human beings, we need more than just a visual connection. We need to allow the music itself to feed our emotional state, to invite us in and celebrate what we’re about. Even if its a celebration of angst and sorrow.

Visuals are fine, but let’s open our ears and use them to listen and get in touch with the music which means the most to us.

Take a moment and listen with your ears rather than your eyes. Music videos aren’t everything. :)

Yeah you need volume in order to music to resonate within your body & soul

As some of you may know, there is a trend in the world of guitar amps for lower wattage lower volume amplifiers. I can’t even count the number of guys on forums asking for advice on achieving whisper quiet volume levels, but want those huge monstrous tones. I get it, you have a baby sleeping, or your wife or neighbors get pissed off. I’ve got neighbors too….unfortunately.

But here’s the deal you low volume players are missing….you need volume. I don’t mean peel the paint off the wall loud, but a good amount of volume above conversation level. Yes as humans we think louder sounds better, but there is something else going on and its taken me awhile to figure out why a loud volume (again not to the point of hearing damage) just feels right.

Look, if you play Saxophone there is no getting around it. Its a loud instrument, you are going to have to figure out how to practice and make music. The same goes for a violin. These aren’t even electric instruments and they can be quite loud. But there is something special about the sound waves moving in the air which just makes things sound real, emotional, and touch are music loving souls.

What I think is happening is that these vibrations moving in the air tend to resonate in our body. You FEEL the music as well as listen to it. By this I mean physically feel the music. A low volume amp won’t push the air and get you in touch with the music. Playing just through headphones won’t really do it either. Again….think about those Brass, woodwind, and string players. The sound of their instrument is right there next to them.

Ok….I think I’m going on too much here, but truly…..I think we as guitar players need to accept volume as an important part of our music. Its not something we can just ignore because modern technology allows to take soul out of the instrument by playing at weedy low volumes.

Turn it up……then apologize later to your neighbors, spouse, etc. :)

I don't care if you disagree, music is a language.

Years ago when I was in a Thrash Metal band, I told the band leader that I thought of my guitar solos as my voice. As a language to communicate with my guitar. I wanted to treat it as more of a vocal line rather than a background thing to add to the music. The band leader thought this was preposterous. My attitude about the solo was dismissed if not laughed off.

I wasn’t hurt, I just shook my head. Not everyone will agree that music is a language, and frankly I don’t care. You’re just so wrong on this front. Just like we spend our early days as children developing our ability to talk and communicate, we do the same with music. Most will say that the music speaks to them. Time and time again professional and famous musicians acknowledge music as a language, as a way to communicate their message and/or feelings to their audience.

But the most interesting thing is that music is a universal language. I don’t speak Russian, but if I meet a Russian musician who speaks no English…..yeah we can communicate through music perhaps even bond. I still find it exciting and amazing that I can write sheet music and present to a player who does not speak language, and instantly we have communicated. Its truly wild and unbelievable.

I’ll have examples of music as a language in the next blog posts, but dismissing music as a language to communicate emotion, get people together, etc etc is refusing to accept its true nature.

Put on some music, or make your own…..and communicate. :)

I put myself on a diet. A speed diet/limit.......for guitar playing.

Some of you may know I have a guitar coach who lives just outside of Las Vegas. She is my guru, and the real reason why I am able to play guitar nowadays. The last time I had a lesson with her, I asked her about the maximum tempo for her when she plays here classical pieces. Of course it depends on the piece of music, but generally she stops at about 120bpm.

I do like guys who play some fast licks, but there is no reason for me to spend hours trying to play 16th notes at 180bpm. I’d rather work on emotion, melody, fantastic rhythm, and kickass phrases. With this in my mind I put a limit on how fast I play a 16th note phrase…..ready?

140bpm maximum.

If I nail a phrase at that tempo, I stop. No reason to keep going to see how fast I can get it. In my opinion I am wasting my time trying to develop insane amounts of speed. After analyzing my favorite fast licks from the players I love, about 140bpm is the fastest I care to go. Mind you, 16th notes at 140bpm is pretty damn fast. And I don’t often play music that fast, but it is nice to know its there if I intend to suddenly rip it up.

Adding grease, inflections, how to approach note, and especially vibrato is suuuuuper important to me. Nice to lay out a fast link here and there, but there’s so many other things work on for guitar. I highly recommend a speed diet/limit. Cut out the bullshit and get right to it! :)

I played guitar nearly 365 days last year, what I learned......

New Year’s Day 2018 I decided to play guitar, even if it was just for a few minutes, every single day for all of 2018 and document it with a selfie for each day. First, I did not pick up the guitar every single day. There were two days where I was traveling with my girlfriend, and we were bringing a lot of stuff. I could have brought the guitar, but I decided I didn’t want people knowing I had an electric guitar with me, and I actually wanted to travel and pay attention to my girlfriend.

There was a third day where I was so busy that I forgot to pick up and play. Didn’t realize until I was halfway asleep and just said, “fuck it”. So the grand total:

I played guitar for 362 Days last year. Ok fine reader….finally….here is what I learned.

  • That the guitar is way more vocal than I ever imagined. I already knew it was, but the amount of phrases that were more like talking or singing started to come to light waaayyy more often.

  • That I was capable of much more as a player than I ever imagined. Transcribing phrases of other players became easier. That my own improvised phrases became longer and more cohesive. I felt like I was starting to play on the same level as the pros.

  • That I should incorporate my finger when it comes to playing phrases, solos, and licks, and not rely on the pick for everything. Oh man, the fat warm yet still aggressive tone you can get from your finger is something not achievable with a pick. Damn…..I get it now!

  • Playing intervals in 3rds going up and down the major scale is a lot tougher than I thought. Especially since I made myself say the note names outloud while playing them. Damn I thought the neck guitar well. (This was advice from the late Ted Greene)

  • I can play even lighter and still get commanding and emotional phrases. It takes a lot less muscle and stress to bring about musical and raw emotion.

  • The power of putting more grease, dynamics, and inflection in my playing is a beautiful thing.

  • Yeah I started listening to more Albert King, Santana, SRV, and their grease in their playing is undeniably awesome. Shred is dead, let’s put more grease and emotion in our playing.

  • A super focused and consistent practice regimen released a freedom in my playing I had no idea existed. Again……I started hearing the beginnings of sounding more like the pros when I played. And it was just coming forth at will.

  • That there is always time to sit and play guitar. You just have to give a shit, and stop with the excuses. I picked up for a few minutes when I was deathly ill. I picked up when I was absolutely exhausted and ready to sleep. And every single time I picked up, it was somehow rewarding. No matter what I was doing in life, I made sure my guitar playing fit in there somehow.

  • That I truly can write many songs only using one guitar pedal (and an amp of course). I had my doubts on many many days, but in the end…… one has to write good songs….and gear choice doesn’t matter when it comes to writing. Production wise…..gear matters a little more. Yet limited choices unleash a tremendous amount of creativity. I did things I never would have imagined doing because I limited myself to one piece of gear.

  • That the guitar cable length actually does matter! Its personal taste really, but I actually do like the tone I get from a 40 foot Mogami guitar cable than a high end, low capacitance short cable. You’d be surprised at the difference in tone and feel between a 10 foot cable and a 40 foot cable.

  • That my heavy metal Jackson Rhoads guitar with active EMG pickups, can produce some nice and mellow tones without the battery to power up the pickups. Even without a battery, there is some output…..though its low. Yet I was able to dial in some nice playable tones. I had to use the Jacksons as my Strat was with my guitar guy and he was doing routine maintenace work on it.

Yeah I learned a hell of lot by picking up nearly all 365 days last year. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! So will I be picking up every single day in 2019? As best as I can!, YES! The only difference is I won’t be documenting each day with a selfie showing the day number.

I made a slideshow video of the selfies I took for each day I picked up. Its fascinating to watch because I moved last year so you will see the background change. But even with moving….I picked up anyway. I had to make a small nook amongst moving boxes in order to sit down and play. I loved it!

Tap/click below to watch the video:

>> 365 Days of Guitar Video <<

Happy 2019! Pick up and make something even if no one ever sees it!

I have seen some amazing things happening to people who follow me online. Yeah…I actually do look at people’s feeds. :) And when I see them attempting to make something….anything. And when they keep at it, I see them change, and its exciting! They realize they are changing too!

Stuck in a rut? Tired of the same ol’ same ol’? Make something. And keep doing it. You don’t have to share it with the world. What if you do share it and no one watches nor looks at it? Who cares, do it anyway! I have an online friend who makes Rag Dolls, another who makes watercolor paintings of Galaxies. Neither of them make a living from it, they just do it.

I was given advice by marketing extraordinaire, Seth Godin, to start a blog and to keep blogging even if absolutely no one reads it. It will change you. And don’t worry if you stink at writing, you’ll get better the more you do it.

Truly this is ludicrous for me as I am a musician, not a blogger. But I’m doing it because I trust Seth. Holy crap…….I’ve changed. I’m more excited about my music and communicating my thoughts than ever before. In fact I can’t stop thinking about the numerous blog topics, and I do keep a list.

So for 2019, please make something. Remember it can be just something between you and the wall. But keep doing it, and watch how you change over time. Its a good thing.

Happy 2019!!!

Thank you for a tremendous 2018!

Specifically I released my EP, Tales from El Capistan. And I was shocked and ecstatic to have it fan funded in its entirety. It was an absolute joy to not only have it funded, but to deliver special surprise packages for everyone who helped fund the EP. Really….it was wonderful to think of their faces when they received and opened their packages.

Then there were so many new faces who came into the Saint Luminus fold who I interact with almost daily through Social Media and e-mail. Knowing all of you reading this need something different than what the Music industry has to offer keeps me going at it 12+ hours a day. You have my word to not let you down.

Later on tonight I shall toast each and every single one of you and say THANK YOU to an amazing Year! Catch me on Instagram to actually see this! No really!

Happy New Year!

And if you haven’t already, celebrate 2018 and get your copy of Tales from El Capistan by tap/clicking below. Yes you will get a little surprise in your package. You deserve more than just a CD. :)

>> Tales from El Capistan CD <<

Nothing! And I mean NOTHING beats the sound of the amp in the room!

When I first moved into my new place, I cranked my amp up fairly loud for about a week. OMG! It was dreamy, and I couldn’t believe the neighbors didn’t complain. Of course after that one week, they complained. Agreed, I did have it loud. :)

Further I’ve been jamming with a friend at a rehearsal studio here in LA, and of course I bring my amp and crank it to a reasonable volume for what we’re doing. Still that sound!!! So good!

And then today I saw a video from Joe Bonamassa where he played a couple of songs with other musicians here in LA. We know he’s a good player, but the sound of the amp in the room just can’t be beat!

Listening through headphones is just not the same nor is playing an amp at whisper quiet volumes. Even my hero Carl Verheyen makes sure that when he records there is an ambient mic in the room to capture that amp in the room sounds because that is the way we naturally hear it!

You just can’t beat the sound vibrations being pushed through the air. Whether its guitar or any other instrument, the sound of the instrument in the room is absolutely delicious and can make my ears melt! How about yours?

Oh….is there such a thing as too loud? Yeah….I’m afraid so. Keep your hearing intact my friends, its an important tool in listening to music.

I don't care what others say, its good to be like a child.......

The fascination, amusement, and childlike wonder of the Universe never stops. No matter how much more we learn, there is even more curiosity generated. Truly it is not different than when we were children trying to figure out how things worked in the world. And why things are the way they are.

I bring this up because the Universe keeps on giving no matter who you are, or how your life is going. Its good to be a like a child and be electrified by pictures of Galaxies, stories of new found discoveries and rocket launches. I always seek to do activities and things like a child. This is better than resigning to just being “old.”

Last time I checked not one adult I’ve ever met said, “I can’t wait to be old!”

Explore our Universe. Type it into Google or Youtube and dig in. Its waiting for you whenever you are ready, and even when you aren’t. Join us for the ride won’t you?

We all have waaayyy too much "Stuff"! Stop giving it!

When my fiancee and I came home at the end of Christmas Day, we had more stuff than we left with. We came back from visiting our respective families with just more stuff. Stuff we just won’t use or need. Does this sound familiar? Its the Holidays and people tend to give “stuff”. Vases, coffee mugs, clothes, lamps, ornaments, books, DVDs, etc etc. Hell I’m guilty of doing this.

But I’ve truly minimized my life over the past 15 years. I just can’t take having so much “stuff”. Yet we got home yesterday with more “stuff”. Most of this “stuff” will either be thrown away or given to Goodwill.

If you are the type who loves hoarding and having more and more stuff in your life, then this blog post is not for you and neither is what I’m about to say. If you must give gifts, think of alternatives to standard gift giving.

  • Movie gift cards or gift cards in general.

  • Consumable items like coffee, toilet paper, soap, lightbulbs. Sounds crazy I know.

  • Lottery Tickets, specifically the scratcher type. Everybody loves playing games.

  • Tickets to a show

  • Money

  • Tickets for a harbor cruise if that’s possible.

Some of these may sound impersonal, but if you’re creative you can make it very personal. If someone absolutely loves coffee, get them coffee which they wouldn’t normally get. Maybe even something pricey! But don’t get them yet another coffee mug.

Its just maddening to see much “stuff” given to people which they probably won’t use nor appreciate. Toilet paper for a gift? I’ll take since I always seem to be running low on it. :)

Yes music can be used for Evil. Christmas special

You should have seen my face yesterday at my local supermarket while getting groceries. Of course they were playing Holiday music. Like many of you I can only take so much of the Holiday music played again and again and again.  

But oh no, this year has new “modern” recordings of the classics. And they are awful. As in jaw dropping awful. I like the classic recordings from the 50’s and 60’s. It has a great vintage vibe. But this new stuff???? Like reggae versions that are sung by people who clearly never play reggae. 

A female throwing random falsettos for no good reason. Not to mention the obvious auto-tuning going a la today’s modern R & B.  

It’s proof that music can indeed be used for Evil. Merry Christmas. 🤪 

Yeah I have long hair and play rock music, you've got me all wrong my friend.

Here in LA, specifically the Sunset Strip, that period of time when Hard Rock and Heavy Metal were king really hasn’t gone away. If you go to the Rainbow, its like going in a time machine to the 80s. People there still think its 1986. And naturally there is still an association of the sound and the look from that era. Long hair, makeup, shredding guitar solos, leather pants, etc etc etc.

And I think a lot of venues here in LA as well as people I meet think that what I’m doing is trying to bring back that era. Man….you’ve got it all wrong. For the most part, I don’t really listen to a lot of that stuff. Its long dead, and I hope it stays that way. I may have the long hair, but I’m not interested in shredding away like Yngwie Malmsteen nor interested in rocking away true bad boy style like Motley Crue. Its already been done, and I find that stuff boring for me to play.

I’m more interested in breaking different ground with rock music. Employing a little less show, and way more emotion. I prefer to wring every last drop of emotion out of one note, like Albert King might, rather than shred away neo-classical style to show off to friends. I want a true musical and emotional experience influenced by the mystic sounds of the Universe. So this will include a lot of otherworldly sounds created by electronic instruments as well. I’m not interested in simply “rocking out” the way those bands in the 80’s did it.

There is a true art in playing guitar and crafting good tone to connect with an audience. This takes years of work, and that’s what I try to display. This is why the work of some of the very best guitar players are timeless. What’s hip and trendy won’t matter when it comes to their music.

I am not EVH, not Motley Crue, Guns ‘n Roses, Cinderella, etc. Nah, I like giving a fork in the eye of “standard rock” musicians and let them know they can do better than that. Take your audience on a different sonic path even if you are not 100% sure where it leads. Who knows where we’ll end up.

Positives of Social Media & the Internet outweigh the negatives, yes I believe it!

As far back as I can remember people complain. Lots of people complain. Yeah I do remember a time before the internet. Guess what? People were complaining. And it doesn’t matter what goes on in the world, lots of people will complain. Its a much easier baser instinct to feed upon again and again. Its endless really.

So of course I hear and see people complaining about the internet. Invasion of privacy. People glued to their phones or their laptops. Obsession with online gaming. We’re more divided than ever etc etc. That is certainly one way of looking at it, but are you truly looking and observing with an unbiased view?

Last week I was out at dinner with my fiancee, and I remarked that there were plenty of people on their phone. But it was fascinating just to sit and watch them. They weren’t tuning out the world or who they were with. Ok…..maybe that unhappy couple in the corner. :) But people were sharing things on their phone with their friend or relative. Or using their phone as part of their conversation. Or simply double checking something like movie times. It wasn’t at all like what some people like to complain about.

I have seen so much giving, compassion, and abundance on Social Media and the internet as a whole. I’m naive to think there are bad things too. Of course…….NOTHING is perfect. But as a whole, I really do truly believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. The very fact that I can post this blog about positivity is a true wonder and would have been impossible to imagine 30 years ago.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the internet and even Social Media. You have so many choices now, and you can choose to turn off or ignore the negativity. The positive and wonderful things are there, and they are there in droves.