Why I wrote a whole EP with only one guitar pedal

First of all I can’t really visit guitar forums as everyone is obsessed with gear and purchasing more of it. And about 90% of the people on there don’t even know how to use their gear and refuse to take time to learn something. It kind of drives me crazy.

Now the El Capistan pedal from Strymon is a great pedal. But as I used it and learned more and more about how it works, it dawned on me that you can create all sorts of guitar tones, sound effects, and much more with this pedal. I thought that in a world where guitar players think you have to have a lot of gear in order to make music, I said SCREW IT! I’ll make an EP and only use one pedal and that’s it. Plus it is well known that as humans we are much more creative with limited resources.

So not only did I think it would be fun to make interesting songs with one pedal used for everything, but I did it as a middle finger to the guitar industry as whole which loves that you keep buying more and more gear. My EP, Tales from El Capistan, has both an adventurous & creatives nature, as well as a very rebellious nature. You would be surprised at how many different sounds and feelings you can achieve if you simply just learn how to use your gear.

El Capistan is a Tape Echo delay pedal. But on my EP you’ll hear:

ADT vocal effects. Distorted vocal effects. Multi-Voice chorus, dual delays, compression, pads and ambient drones., and sound FX. Yeah all of these things could be created with this pedal.

Check out Tales from El Capistan to hear these things in action. Yeah you can stream it, but purchasing a physical CD will be different as I mail it out to you with a special surprise inside. :) Tap/Click below to order your copy for find it Spotify, etc.

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