How the Universe has brought me peace and reassurance in life

It was my 4th grade teacher who really introduced me to the marvels outside of our own planet. At that time, Voyager was flying by Saturn and taking amazing pictures. I would just sit and imagine what it was like to be in Voyager and view this planet with my own two eyes. How would I feel, what kinds of sounds would I hear? How would I truly feel knowing home was so far away? It boggled my mind and still does to this day. To have so much wonder and curiosity is quite comforting actually.

Even today I still have this childlike wonder yet I came to understand and learn more about our Cosmos. I learned how old it is. How old our own planet is. How far things are away from us. And how things existed before us, and will continue on without us. And with that I mind I realized as an adult that all of our bickering, problems, wars, etc don’t really mean much in terms of the Universe. Our sun doesn’t care about your political leanings or ideology. And neither does the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. In fact nothing in our Universe really cares much about what you are doing or thinking. It continues in its destructive phases, as well as birthing new beauty again and again. The news network you prefer doesn’t matter.

And I find this so utterly amazing and beautiful in our world where the cancer of politics and fighting is constantly being shoved down our throats. Geez, I can’t even go to a music concert without this being thrown in anymore(but that’s for another blog).

No matter what my problems or complaints may be in life, its both peaceful and reassuring to know that I am but a speck of sand to things much grander, bigger, and longer lasting than me. Its relieving to know I am NOT the center of the Universe. This is good, because knowing so means I can continue on to do important work unhindered.

I hope the Universe gives you as much peace and reassurance in life. And if it doesn’t, find something which will. Better yet, send me an e-mail and let me know.