Reason #1 of why Frank Zappa was inspirational!

He didn’t care about perfection. He didn’t paralyze himself from writing in order to make sure he wrote perfect songs. He just wrote and shipped it out. Granted he did have song he didn’t release because he didn’t think the song(s) were that good for one reason or another, but he still kept going at it. If I counted correctly, Frank put out 62 albums in his 26 year career. In today’s age of major label artists rarely putting out new music because it has to be perfect and make tons of money instantly, its amazing that Zappa just loved making music no matter what. There was no need to take time to party, or to take time off from writing. No he just loved doing it and shipped it out for fans to consume. Not one of today’s major artists will write and deliver that much music, and that’s an inspiration.