No I'm not knocking streaming music, but you do have a choice.

So James was talking about vinyl and introducing his kids to music on vinyl rather than streaming from Spotify, Youtube, etc etc. They had a little record player in their room and James said they had all the record albums all strewn about while they looked at the different artwork and put on the LPs. He said they were in their room just simply listening to what was coming out. It completely reminded him of what music was like for him when he was younger.

Oh and you better believe it reminded me of myself way back in the day. I just sat or laid in my room and listened to records while looking artwork, pictures, lyrics, the record sleeve. And perhaps you remember doing the very same thing, yeah? Or maybe you bought vinyl simply because of the cover and its artwork? It just looked cool so you had to buy it!

I’m not gushing about the past here because to be honest I love that we have choices now, and I think choice is extremely important. If I want to take music with me on a flight, or in my car to pass the time, I’m so glad I can so if I choose. But having choices also means consequences so let me explain real quick.

Having nearly any song you want at your fingertips 24/7 is amazing, but there is a consequence. Streaming services like Spotify have a lower sound quality. And more than likely the listener is listening on a simple MONO bluetooth speaker, which degrades the quality even more, or crappy laptop speakers. Even if I listen in the car, I can’t critically listen to the songs and notice little things I’ve never noticed before. I have to pay attention to the road. But I can at least singalong and relieve the annoyance of traffic.

But If I choose a CD or vinyl, which has the best quality available to a mass market, and I listen in a room to just simply experience the music, then that is something quite different. Even a good pair of quality headphones(not earbuds) is quite an ear opening experience. Its amazing to notice things you’ve never noticed before in the songs you love so much.

By the way, James’ kids loved the experience of just sitting, listening, and looking at artwork. I think many people still love doing so as well. People who love the latest trends in pop music don’t care to sit and experience music in this way. But you and I do, let’s continue. :)