Reason #2 why Frank Zappa was inspirational.

His lack of self-critique which disables so many artists nowadays. Its clear from reading old interviews and listening to his songs that Frank just laid it out there no matter how weird it was. It seems like any weird sound which came to his head he put it down.

This is something so many artists don’t do. They self-critique the musical sounds in their head and most of it they don’t put down because its not good enough. Or at least they think. Its like they are only willing to put down things they think will be “perfect”. Or they have something which hits, and they try to replicate it so they can HIT again. Meanwhile ignoring any other muse they may have because it won’t be as good as their “hit”.

Frank is really teaching me not to ignore the insane and sometimes even stupid musical ideas which come to my head. In the end the real judge of whether its stupid or not is the music market and my fans.