We all have waaayyy too much "Stuff"! Stop giving it!

When my fiancee and I came home at the end of Christmas Day, we had more stuff than we left with. We came back from visiting our respective families with just more stuff. Stuff we just won’t use or need. Does this sound familiar? Its the Holidays and people tend to give “stuff”. Vases, coffee mugs, clothes, lamps, ornaments, books, DVDs, etc etc. Hell I’m guilty of doing this.

But I’ve truly minimized my life over the past 15 years. I just can’t take having so much “stuff”. Yet we got home yesterday with more “stuff”. Most of this “stuff” will either be thrown away or given to Goodwill.

If you are the type who loves hoarding and having more and more stuff in your life, then this blog post is not for you and neither is what I’m about to say. If you must give gifts, think of alternatives to standard gift giving.

  • Movie gift cards or gift cards in general.

  • Consumable items like coffee, toilet paper, soap, lightbulbs. Sounds crazy I know.

  • Lottery Tickets, specifically the scratcher type. Everybody loves playing games.

  • Tickets to a show

  • Money

  • Tickets for a harbor cruise if that’s possible.

Some of these may sound impersonal, but if you’re creative you can make it very personal. If someone absolutely loves coffee, get them coffee which they wouldn’t normally get. Maybe even something pricey! But don’t get them yet another coffee mug.

Its just maddening to see much “stuff” given to people which they probably won’t use nor appreciate. Toilet paper for a gift? I’ll take since I always seem to be running low on it. :)