I don't care what others say, its good to be like a child.......

The fascination, amusement, and childlike wonder of the Universe never stops. No matter how much more we learn, there is even more curiosity generated. Truly it is not different than when we were children trying to figure out how things worked in the world. And why things are the way they are.

I bring this up because the Universe keeps on giving no matter who you are, or how your life is going. Its good to be a like a child and be electrified by pictures of Galaxies, stories of new found discoveries and rocket launches. I always seek to do activities and things like a child. This is better than resigning to just being “old.”

Last time I checked not one adult I’ve ever met said, “I can’t wait to be old!”

Explore our Universe. Type it into Google or Youtube and dig in. Its waiting for you whenever you are ready, and even when you aren’t. Join us for the ride won’t you?