Nothing! And I mean NOTHING beats the sound of the amp in the room!

When I first moved into my new place, I cranked my amp up fairly loud for about a week. OMG! It was dreamy, and I couldn’t believe the neighbors didn’t complain. Of course after that one week, they complained. Agreed, I did have it loud. :)

Further I’ve been jamming with a friend at a rehearsal studio here in LA, and of course I bring my amp and crank it to a reasonable volume for what we’re doing. Still that sound!!! So good!

And then today I saw a video from Joe Bonamassa where he played a couple of songs with other musicians here in LA. We know he’s a good player, but the sound of the amp in the room just can’t be beat!

Listening through headphones is just not the same nor is playing an amp at whisper quiet volumes. Even my hero Carl Verheyen makes sure that when he records there is an ambient mic in the room to capture that amp in the room sounds because that is the way we naturally hear it!

You just can’t beat the sound vibrations being pushed through the air. Whether its guitar or any other instrument, the sound of the instrument in the room is absolutely delicious and can make my ears melt! How about yours?

Oh….is there such a thing as too loud? Yeah….I’m afraid so. Keep your hearing intact my friends, its an important tool in listening to music.