Got my first true Hate Mail's how I feel about it.

A guy who subscribed to my e-mails sent an angry response to one of my e-mails entitled, “If you love Pop muisc, then Saint Luminus is probably not for you”

As most of you know, I don’t write Pop music. My music will never be on the Billboard top 10 hits. I simply don’t write music with a Pop music audience in mind. There’s plenty who do, its just not me.

And oh boy was he upset about that. He felt I was narrow minded and told me to grow up. He couldn’t believe there was anyone as immature as myself. He said he didn’t like my music, but not because the music is bad, its because he thought I was a jerk.

Ooooook. At first I felt hurt, then a bit angry. But in a few minutes I knew it would be ok. The guy simply likes Pop music and probably many other types of music as well. Since I don’t write Pop, I’m not sure he would really like what I have to offer. That’s cool. He let me know that he doesn’t like my opinion or my music. Cool. He unsubscribe and now we are on our way. He’ll continue to listen to whatever he likes, and i’ll continue to listen to and make the music I like.

I’m fine with it, its par for the course when you are putting yourself out there. Moving on. :)

Thanks for reading, I do truly love and appreciate those of you who support what I do. :)