Yep, Music is inside every single one of us. Even if you aren't "musical"

I talked to a friend today about taking music lessons for banjo. She seems to feel she is not musical, but her family is musical. I guess she feels she is a black sheep. Despite this, she really wants to learn to play the banjo.

After our talk, I really thought about this when I was alone. Now I hear people all of the time who say they are not musical. I thought this is really strange because music is all around us. Its everywhere we go. It infects us every single day. In fact I would venture to say that there is music inside our head all of the time. Whether you are a banker, electrician, or in non-creative fields, music is in you all of the time. It doesn’t make sense to say you are NOT musical. Now if you lived your life without music whatsoever, and daily you have absolutely no exposure to music, then it makes sense that you are not musical. Its never around you at all.

For example, I’m not surround by people speaking ancient languages. There is no way I could possibly speak or express myself in that language. That would be impossible. Its not around me.

So what is happening when people say they are NOT musical? Even though they have music in their heads, even though music is around us every single day? Simple, no one ever encouraged them to express themselves that way. No one ever taught the physical nature of playing an instrument. It does take motor movements in order to play an instrument. No matter how much music is inside you, its impossible to make good music without at least learning the motor movements necessary in order to produce sound.

Think you aren’t “musical”? Guess again, its in you. Take notice of that music voice inside your head. Take notice of the enormous amounts of music in the outside world. Your exposed to it constantly. Time to let some of it out. If it doesn’t sound great, time to find a good teacher who will teach you those motor movements in order to produce sound. You got this……let it come out. We need it!!!! :)