Reason #3 why Frank Zappa was such an inspiration

After reading numerous interviews from Frank, it was readily apparent that he knew his music was a business. He talks about paying his musicians for their work, paying union scale, the costs of printing up vinyl, and the sales of units. Frank started his own label waaaay back in the late 60’s. Nowadays there are many new artists who start their own label, but in the 60’s?

He also spoke of taking the money he made from his albums and touring, and putting that money back into writing and recording the next album. So fascinating as he doesn’t go on and on about being famous or living a famous person’s lifestyle with parties, drugs, and alcohol. It seems he knew his business was to constantly make music and knew that if his business didn’t make money, he couldn’t afford to put new music.

Many artists talk about our music as a business nowadays, and we feel we can do our thing without record labels. But WOW! To see someone do this back in the 60’s and 70’s! Talk about a man before his time.