My phrases are stumbling, stuttering, and sometimes incomplete. I’m happy about that

When I was in music school, I had a female classmate named Dawn. She was a very cool person, but not that great at guitar, and she had little performing experience.  

Fast forward about a year, and Dawn & I were in an open counseling where we can get extra help and attention with our playing. She was improvising, and although she was tripping over her phrases, stumbling and stuttering, I could hear the huge improvement in her playing. You could hear she was on her way to making better phrases on guitar.  It wasn’t mindless rambling of incoherent notes, but tiny little musical phrases and some stumbles and pauses.

And lately when I improvise I hear these same stumbles, trips, stutters, and pauses. This is amazing for me because if this is what is happening in my playing, something is happening even though its not where I want to be just yet.

This is very much like children learning to talk. The phrases are very short, very simple and there are lots of pauses, stumbles and wrong ways of saying things. Yet you can understand what they are trying to say. And you just know that in time their sentences will get longer and more coherent.

Have you practiced at something and seen these stumbles and stutters? Its a good sign. :)