Why I use a 40 foot Mogami guitar cable....

For one I use a Strat which can have a bright plinky tone. I prefer a warmer and darker tone. I saw a rig rundown years ago of Santana’s rig and he uses a 60 foot mogami cable. His tech said it was to cut down on the brightness and it gives Carlos lots of room to move on stage.

Mogami is not very expensive cable and it doesn’t have a super low capacitance rating either. But it is rugged cable. Truth be told, I step and trip over my cables all of the time. And I mean quite frequently. The last thing I want is to have a $100 cable I’m tripping and stepping on again and again.

I use Mogami because its inexpensive and you can buy bulk Mogami cable in numerous places. I use 40 feet because its more than long enough for me, and it EQs my Strat sound just right for my ears. The longer cable provides a “warming” pre-eq before hitting the amp.

No hard and fast rules when it comes to cables, you just have to experiment.

Let me know what you are using, I’d really love to know!!!!

Note: I may change my mind next month for all I know and use a short length very low capacitance cable. It seems our ears and minds are constantly changing what we think sounds “good”. Uggggh.