I don't care if you disagree, music is a language.

Years ago when I was in a Thrash Metal band, I told the band leader that I thought of my guitar solos as my voice. As a language to communicate with my guitar. I wanted to treat it as more of a vocal line rather than a background thing to add to the music. The band leader thought this was preposterous. My attitude about the solo was dismissed if not laughed off.

I wasn’t hurt, I just shook my head. Not everyone will agree that music is a language, and frankly I don’t care. You’re just so wrong on this front. Just like we spend our early days as children developing our ability to talk and communicate, we do the same with music. Most will say that the music speaks to them. Time and time again professional and famous musicians acknowledge music as a language, as a way to communicate their message and/or feelings to their audience.

But the most interesting thing is that music is a universal language. I don’t speak Russian, but if I meet a Russian musician who speaks no English…..yeah we can communicate through music perhaps even bond. I still find it exciting and amazing that I can write sheet music and present to a player who does not speak language, and instantly we have communicated. Its truly wild and unbelievable.

I’ll have examples of music as a language in the next blog posts, but dismissing music as a language to communicate emotion, get people together, etc etc is refusing to accept its true nature.

Put on some music, or make your own…..and communicate. :)