More brutal truths about guitar.

I saw someone post on The Gear Page how innovative a guitar pedal manufacturer was in creating a Dark Side guitar pedal. Instant Gilmour/Pink Floyd in a box. He felt more pedal manufacturers should do the same for other guitar players/bands.

Do I understand how as a guitar player wanting to sound just like your hero(s)? Oh yeah…absolutely. But the brutal truth is that a pedal isn’t going to do it. I thought about it further and recalled Gilmour’s opening solo on Shine on You Crazy Diamond. That sound is unmistakably a Strat. And upon a lot of experimentation, I discovered I got a similar response with my Strat by picking softly.

So the question is: If you want to sound like Gilmour, and more specifically his sound on Shine on You, why aren’t you asking for a pedal which sounds like a Strat? For example you have a cheap Ibanez with humbuckers, but you are really gunning for that Gilmour tone. Ask a pedal manufacture to create a pedal which will sound like a Stratocaster picked softly.

Yes of course this is ridiculous. But the Brutal Truth is that 1 pedal will not give you the sound and tone of your hero(s). There is so much more to the story. Saying it only takes a pedal is saying that your favorite guitar player is doing nothing special. Its easily replicated by buying a pedal.

Its easy to spend money on gear, its much harder to sit down, listen, and then try to emulate your favorite player by really listening and working on your skill as a player.