Uggghhh.....these Space & Astronomy headlines.....

This is what I saw from National Geographic: Our Galaxy is due to crash into its neighbor - But when?

The truth is that none of you reading this will be alive when this happens in about 3.5 billion years. And even if it does happen there won’t be a spectacular explosion like in the movies. No because there is an enormous amount of space between the planets and stars so most of these objects won’t actually collide into one another providing some cataclysmic out of this world explosion.

I know they write these headlines in order to get you to click and read, because clicks are definitely being counted in our internet world. I believe in science and more specifically science dealing with Physics and the Universe at large. So these scary headlines in order to grab your attention with fear is a little annoying to me.

Then again a headline stating that our Milky Way will collide with Andromeda in 3.5 Billion years probably won’t get the clicks.

Yes I’m just venting at ridiculous headlines. Thanks for reading.