I can't help it, I'm a tech nerd!

Remember those days where it was so cool to be dumb? Nerds were lame and not popular. While playing in many bands over the years, it was still cool to NOT be smart. Over the last few years watching people integrate laptops and computers into live performance and watching other artists taking the time to understand how gear works, it looks like some musicians and artists are fine with being nerdy about technology.

And I don’t mean simply having a smart phone nor using social media. I mean really getting into how to program music parts, understanding how to sync up and sequence multiple pieces of gear and route things differently in order to come up with new and interesting sounds. I do this quite frequently, and many times its just to see what will happen.

I absolutely love my gear and learning new ways to use it. Its even better if its a piece of old gear and I learn something new many years later.

I hope as time goes on more and more people dive into new places. Perhaps it was cool to be dumb in school, or perhaps even your own teachers told you you were dumb. Time to ignore that crap, engage curiosity and jump in. The good news its safe to do.

I’m going to go experiment with a few things now. Why not?