Brutal truths about guitar

Perhaps you’ve heard these phrases:

“Tone is in the fingers” or the way to get the tone or the sound of your favorite guitar player is to use a particular Product(Insert name of amp, strings, pedals, etc).

Forget the guitar and everything you plug into. Here is the real reason why you don’t sound like your idol(s) nor do you play the way you’d like to play.

Tone and musicality start with the person. It starts with your head, your heart, your emotions, and who you are. Its your state of being. The gear is secondary.

It starts with a change in mindset. How do professionals and your idols practice and prepare? Find out and do it like that. How do they view the instrument, music, and their life? Yeah do it like that. Don’t like to practice or at least pick up and play on a regular and consistent basis? There is no piece of gear to help you with that mindset. Come up with lots of excuses as to why you aren’t learning new skills nor going down that path of musicians? Again that’s a mindset where there is no product to buy and solve that.

Yeah you have a job and family to think about. And of course those are important. But changing your mindset, and your internal being is absolutely free to do. Its cost is time. You can BE just like your idols yet still have your job and family. For example I can’t train exactly like an elite athlete, but I can have their mindset and train to a lesser degree than they do because I’m not an athlete for a living. But I have to have the right mindset.

BE that musician before worrying about the gear or even worrying about tone being in the fingers. It starts within you first and will radiate onward.

If you feel this is all really just metaphysical BS, cool. I’m fine with that. Keep buying the gear, the lessons, keep visiting guitar gear forums etc. But when that little voice inside you is still unhappy about how you’re playing or that you don’t sound like your idols…..then please come back and read this again. And again.