I watched the Master on Saturday night, Carl Verheyen

Most people have never heard the name Carl Verheyen, but every single one of you reading this has heard his playing because he’s playend 1000s of other people’s song, commercials, and films.

Carl has such a great and unique style. What’s more interesting is that his unique style was something he has worked on. He didn’t just pick up and guitar and became instantly unique. He worked hard at making music sound different, fresh, and exciting.

After watching he and his band perform, I was struck at how the art of improvisation and communicating with the other musicians while playing is a lost art form. Today’s bands and artists don’t communicate much on stage because they have rehearsed themselves to perfection and possibly boredom.

How refreshing it was to see guys play around with dynamics, signal to each other when the improv was about to be over or when the ending would come. Here is the interesting thing. They have smiles on their faces, and so did the audience.

In other words, we love people who are human beings. Not music automatons who recite music perfectly note for note. To watch humans in their essence of being human is a wonderful thing. Something which everyone should have to opportunity to watch and be in that presence.