Brutal Truths about Guitar

If you read my previous Blog post, you read about BE-ing a musical person and changing your mindset.

But here is another Brutal Truth for you. True or False, you play guitar with your fingers?

Most would answer TRUE. Brutal Truth: This is false. You play guitar with your body. And unfortunately too many guitar teachers would also answer that you play guitar with your fingers.

What’s really going on? As human beings we rarely think about many different things all at once. We zone in on one thing. When it comes to guitar, we emphasize what our fretting fingers are doing and forget everything else.

We don’t pay attention to our hand position. Or what are wrists are doing, our shoulders, our neck, our head, our tongue, legs, feet…..our whole body. Sometimes this is good because it provides a wonderful performance for an audience. Its bad if its affecting your playing.

There is tension everywhere in the body which will hold back your playing if you aren’t aware of it. Personally I notice it in my legs when I’m playing fast and complicated stuff. Its something I work on calming down because my tense start shifting my body into more and more uncomfortable positions. Which in turn start to affect my playing.

So look….go to to Youtube right now and watch your favorite player, but this time you are watching their entire body instead of the fingers. Watch how a lot of their body is being used while playing. They may be tapping their foot, rocking their body, singing, making faces, overusing their shoulder. Moving on the stage in weird ways. Yes they are playing well, but they are still using their whole body to play.

Remember: You don’t play guitar with your fingers, you are using your whole body.