Guitar Truths: This may be why you practice so little.

There I am watching a Guitar Player on Youtube play something for their audience (that includes me), and I asked myself if that is how they sit when they practice? Their body was twisted in a way which made me think there is no way they can really sit there for long periods of time in that position. In fact during a Q&A, this particular player stated that they practice about an hour a day.

It made total sense why only about an hour. Its probably because this player has such bad posture and sits and practices in such a bad position that naturally the body will start to hurt and become fatigued.

It may not seem like much, but I bet you will be more productive by analyzing your posture when playing and learning a more proper way to sit which will be less fatiguing and in fact will allow you to play longer because you will be more comfortable.

By the way, the way play Live shows how you practice. When I watch a guitar player play there music live, I can tell how they practice. Their posture shows it, and I don’t think its good for their bodies to be in that twisted “typical” position.

Is there a better way? Yup. Take a gander at Classical players. Or find a guitar teacher who actually understand and advocates proper sitting position when practicing.

And you thought guitar playing is really all about the fingers. Nope.