I saw Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets! Here's how it went!

Let’s start with this…..GO SEE IT! Its really good!

I’ll put it to you this way….my fiancee, who is not some huge Pink Floyd fan & wasn’t familiar with any of those songs, thought it was one of the best Live Shows she’s ever seen! She was impressed.

The band was really good, and the little bits of commentary from Nick was absolutely priceless. You can tell he has his head on his shoulders. He gave thanks to Syd for creating the early Pink Floyd material, and had some fun anecdotes about Roger Waters and Gilmour.

The lighting and visuals were exactly what you would expect since this was a performance of pre-Dark Side of the Moon material. Very psychedelic and such fun imagery!!!!

It was apparent the guys in the band were truly enjoying each other and making music with Nick. This just added to the magic.

I wanted to keep this brief, but I’ll tell you that this homage to late 60’s early 70’s music was incredibly refreshing in today’s music. Really something actually!!!!