I'm not a guitar builder nor do I own lots of guitars

I like sharing, and specifically I like sharing pictures of interesting guitars both awesome looking and ugly. As long as its interesting. :)

This means that I am not a Luthier. I don’t make guitars. I don’t know how to make proper adjustments or anything like that. I take my guitar to a guy here locally who maintains it and does the adjustments. I love playing the guitar & writing music with it.

I may be a musician who plays guitar, but I don’t own lots of guitars. And I certainly don’t have a large collection of guitars to show off to people. In fact I have one main guitar I play, my Green Strat, and a Jackson Rhoads which I rarely play. There is also an acoustic which I regularly play for small performances. That’s it, I don’t have any other guitars. But I do play every single day because I can’t get enough of playing guitar. Its why I get up in the morning…..seriously.

Please enjoy and have fun with the pics I post of guitars. But they’re not mine nor do I make them. They’re random pics I find on the interwebs that I want to share with you.

Thanks for reading, now let’s enjoy some fascinating guitars. :)