Music made by committee

oy vey! Do you work for a company and the company regularly holds meetings which you have to suffer through? Where they make decisions with the whole group? Or perhaps a small committee was formed to produce a new strategy or research a new strategy or product.

You will notice government does the same thing. The put committees together to research possible new ways of doing things or to research current problems and present possible solutions.

This is how today’s music is being made by record labels. Its a whole committee of different people researching and deciding what kind of music people will buy into and stream in droves.

Yet is that what people really want? Music made by committee? It is my opinion but actual art is not made by a committee of non-artists. In fact that doesn’t make any sense to my mind.

Its insane to see artists not actually creating until they get approval and direction from committees and authority figures. Just sad in my opinion.

At least as consumers we do have a choice. A choice to say NO to committee made music. We want something fresh and exciting. Something created and directed by music people, not executives and committee members.