We live in abundance now....

No really…..the internet truly changed everything. I was thinking about way back in the day when e-mail was king, but the World Wide Web had barely emerged. I asked my college professor a question and he didn’t have detailed enough answer so he suggested I look it up.

Oh goodness, back then it meant I had to go to a library about 20 miles away because the library at my University didn’t carry books with that particular topic.

And now to think that most of that information is available for free on the internet. Or at the very least its a quick Amazon order with the book being shipped to me in no time.

But truly we live in an abundance of information. This is both good and bad. Bad because you can waste a lot of time consuming massive amounts of information going from one link to another and another until you realize…..How the Hell did I get here?

Good because the amount of amazing connections and the amount of sharing of good information is intense and exciting.

And in this age of tremendous abundance, you could be looking at millions of different pieces of information out there. So thank you for choosing to read this, I appreciate it.