The caveat to having a good amount of volume for music

We determined that having music louder really exposes dynamics in music and allows the loud parts to really punch through and effect you emotionally.

And as it turns out as humans we perceive louder as sounding better. Well doesn’t that mean you should just turn it up louder and louder and it will just sound better and better?

Of course you know that at some point the answer is NO. Besides the fact that you will annoy those around you, there is a scientific reason as to why turning it up and up will no longer sound better.

Your ears try to protect themselves as sound gets louder. They start to naturally compress the loud sounds. And some of you might know that compression reduces the amount of dynamics in music. So now that the music is really really loud, you probably won’t notice the difference between soft and loud nearly as much…..because its all so friggin loud!!!

And as you get louder and louder there is a point where there will be hearing damage.

So at least we know we surely can’t blast music too too loud because that will also ruin our experience.

For a pleasurable music experience we must have some reasonable amount of volume. Whisper quiet volume may be nice for our workplace or for when you don’t want to wake up family members or neighbors at night. But there has to be a decent enough volume to really experience the music the way it was meant to be experienced…..yet it can’t be so loud that it damages our ears or gets us in trouble with law enforcement.

So what I’m saying is if you can….crank it up! Just crank it up with reason.