Maybe they shouldn't call it a songwriting class....

I’ve gone to songwriting weekends, forums, & collectives.

Recently I’ve been going to a songwriting collective mostly filled with people in their 20’s and some in their 30s. Its a nice community but of course they have songwriting programs that you pay for. Hey…I believe in paying for education, nothing wrong with that.

Now one of the staff for this collective is also a teacher and has released a new EP. I listened to the EP on Spotify. Hmmmm interesting.

I’ve noticed something from other songwriting camps, forums, collectives, classes, etc. Now you can call it a songwriting class, but call it as it is. How to write songs which are hip and trendy at this very moment.

That would be much more accurate as in the methods will be mostly outdated in 10 years when something else more new and trendy will come up in terms of music.

Its cool. Go your own way, I’ll go on mine. I do know one thing, timeless music is rarely written in the styles you keep preaching. Songs from bands/artists who have hardcore fans are rarely written the ways they keep teaching.