This notion of FREE!

Perhaps you know this about me, but I absolutely love the internet. Its been truly amazing to see how things have changed, and the enormous access to information we have.

Of course this also bring up the notion of FREE. Unlike many many years ago, lots of people can freely share information. Tons of blog sites, Youtube, social media, podcasts etc have lots of information for FREE.

In fact I would say that nearly a majority of people who use the internet expect things for FREE.

Here is the reality of FREE.

FREE is worth every single penny. Most of the free advice out there is not worth much. For the most part its useless. Sure good to know, but it rarely adds anything worthy to our lives. But is it FREE when you traded your free time in order to read and digest it? Its up to you to decide if its worth it of course.

And many times, that FREE information is absolutely wrong. Well what good is that when you get free advice and it turns out it wrong. Geez.

FREE is also not exactly FREE. Social Media is a great example. Do you really think Facebook is FREE because you don’t pay a monthly fee to access it? Guess again. You give up a lot of privacy being a user of Facebook. The same goes for Youtube, Twitter, Google, etc. They do indeed track your clicks, likes, dislikes, etc. So its not FREE, its more like bartering. They’ll allow you access and they will monitor what you do.

Is this blog you’re reading FREE? Only in as much that you don’t have to shell out your hard earned to cash in order to read it. No, my hope is that in reading this you will gain further trust in me as Saint Luminus and hopefully some of you will have enough trust in me to buy Saint Luminus Mercandise or go to a Live show and help support what I do.