The problem with open mindedness.....

Yeah I’m in music, and in the arts 99.999% of the people are progressive. We love exploring new things. We love being open minded..

Just one problem. The things which used to be delightfully wicked are now hum drum and dull. :)

No really. I loved Heavy Metal back in the day because the topics were so opposite of Pop music, the themes and arrangements were just wild, rebellious, and fresh. We all dug in hard with everything we had.

And it was awesome because you had people saying it was the work of the devil, oh and do you remember there were secret messages in the songs if you played them backwards. Ummm…..yeah.

Yet nowadays if a band/artist has an album cover of something evil or satanic, I’ll probably yawn. Heavy guitar with heavy screaming? Yeah I’ll probably still yawn.

Don’t even get me started with pop music and its forms of “rebellion”.

Many of us were open to the new, the different, the wicked. But those very same things are just kind of……well……lame nowadays. And most people in entertainment are just rehashing these ideas

Hahahaha, that’s what we get for being open minded. Shame on you! Now go close your mind. :)

Note: Yes that last line is sarcasm. Sad I even have to mention this. Have a sense of humor people.