Small victories still matter

Today I’m releasing a cover video of Yesterday from the Beatles. More importantly its a chord melody version so I’m not singing, but the guitar is playing both the vocal part and the chord changes at the same time.

This video is actually a celebration, a celebration of how things have changed for me as a guitar player. See, there was a time where I could not play this song due to an overuse hand/arm injury. I could barely get the intro to sound good. This was the easiest song to play out of all of the Beatles sheet music I had, and I just wasn’t able to play it nor make it sound that good. My injuries were just too great.

I put the book away in disappointment and disgust. I mean….I dedicated most of my adult life to the guitar, and I couldn’t even play a simple Beatles tune here.

Now as some of you may know, I found a guitar guru and relearned how to play guitar again from scratch. And things have gone quite well over the last few years. I’ve bee playing better than I ever have.

Lo and behold I saw the Beatles sheet music in my stash of music and I said, “Fuck it!” Let’s see if I can play this nowadays.

OMG! Blown away within minutes at how easy it was to play and to get this to sound pretty good. No not perfect, but it wasn’t painful to play, and the notes just rolled into one another in a very musical fashion. I almost literally cried.

I practiced my ass off and added some fun parts to the song. After I finished recording the video here, I felt it was a true celebration and accomplishment no matter how small. I mean……as far as most people who will watch the video, its just some guy playing Yesterday in a different manner adding his own unique touch to it.

But now you know, there is a lot more behind this story. Tap/Click on over to watch & listen. I hope your ears enjoy this journey.