Waiting for trains which never come

Man…..the internet has seriously changed everything.

I’m sitting here reading posts from friends both musical and non-musical people. So many of them are just waiting for that special something to happen. For example they’re waiting to be popular, or waiting to play on the big stages. Or waiting for something to be delivered to them. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

It made me think of someone waiting for a train which isn’t coming. Meanwhile I’m working hard to get on a train which will lead me to where I want to go. The previous is much easier, the latter is a lot more work.

The internet changed it all. Its pointless to wait. You can pick yourself and just do. There’s no waiting for an authority to pick you.

And as some of you can tell, the music business isn’t going to deliver new music for you which you really dig. They aren’t going to deliver the next band/aritst with timeless music. Nope. You will have to go find that yourself, and so will I.

Yeah its more work, but no sense sitting and waiting for that train which will never show.