Most on the internet have no clue what they’re doing

We now live in an era of abundant information. I mean ask yourself a question, type it in to Google and get answers. This is terrific and truly game changing I feel.

However I’m going to be real here. Most people commenting and giving advice out there have no idea what they’re doing. Yet talk with great assertiveness and confidence. As they saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”

For example, the Roland SRV 3030 Reverb is an interesting product, but I’ve never actually used it. Most people commenting on message boards say it is lame, ugly sounding, boring, and sterile.  

Come to find out that most of these people simply scrolled through presets hoping to find magic. Magic which never pays off. Therefore the unit sucks. However one smart person asked a simple question, “ummm….are you sure you are using it correctly?”

What a great question. Does the product sound bad because you aren’t willing to spend the time to learn how to use it? For example, if you are using this Roland SRV 3030 Reverb on an Aux Send, did you check to see that the unit is set for 100% wet? Because if its not…..things won’t sound that great, you’ll have phasing issues.

If you don’t know that last paragraph is about, that’s cool. But the people working as engineers and producers in music ought to know better.

What about guitar pedals? Oh man. So obsessed with the sound of the pedal they’re not even listening to their own playing. If you’re guitar stinks, and your playing stinks, don’t expect the pedal to output something nice. Oh oh.... and one nice preset doesn’t apply everywhere. What sounds good on clean sparse chords won’t work on heavy strumming or distortion 

And yet………people who don’t know what they are doing post and post with the assurance that one particular product or service is band, and another is good.

So yes……lots of information to be shared today. Awesome. But realize most people truly don’t know what they’re doing.