Are today's music engineers/producers literally Photoshopping music

Well known Youtube, Rick Beato, had a great Youtube Livestream called, “Perfect is the enemy of good”.

If you don’t know Rick, he is a producer/engineer who has worked with some pretty big artists in the music world.

Just the title of his video alone is something I agree with completely. What I didn’t expect was his rant on how today’s engineers and producers are putting out music. He ranted about how the guitar players in today’s heavy metal bands do like 50 takes just for a guitar part, and it sounds like it too.

In fact I haven’t heard anything in the world of Metal that I like. It all really sounds the same and the production just has a certain something about it I don’t like. Well Rick explained it exactly!

Today’s engineers and producers are making songs so incredibly perfect that there is no longer anything good nor human about it anymore. Its crazy. He likened it to pictures on Instagram. Where the influencer takes numerous shots again and again until they’ve taken the perfect shot, or the photographer has taken the perfect shot, and then they go in touch it up through Photoshop until its the perfect picture to be posted.

Music is doing the same thing. Take after take after take after take, and then jumping into their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and lining it up with grid even more perfectly.

He called it Photoshopping music, and I think that’s an apt description. Everything is so perfectly edited and covered with technology that even guitars don’t sound like real guitars played by a person anymore. This isn’t good.

A marketing guru I follow also points out in the business and marketing world that focusing on absolute perfection is not art. Perfectly straight lines and smoothed edges is not creative nor artful.

Now you may say that not all of today’s music is that bad. Look I know there is some good new stuff out there, but what the majority of the engineers and producers are doing is taking the humanness out of it in order to churn out song after song after song. This is not good because if the music creation business won’t be artful and creative, then its something which can easily and eventually done with computer code.


We need more imperfection and more humanness in our music. And I intend on continuing to deliver that.