Why its so hard to Youtube old music gear like rack units.

I’m a fan of old rack gear. Most people playing guitar buy all the new pedals, and yet I use my rack gear daily.  

On YouTube nearly every guitar tutorial & demo is using pedals or plugins. See, on YouTube it’s much easier to film plugins because you can do a simple screencast. The viewer gets to hear your sounds while watching you mouse around you on a fancy interface.  

Pedals? Easy. Stick a camera overhead and watch that person’s fingers tweak. All the buttons are in front easy to see for a video. 

Typical Rack gear have a small screen and there will be some menu diving. Not only that, but the really good stuff has tons of parameters. My simple Lexicon MPX-1 reverb has 12 different parameters to adjust. It’s a lot to digest, and even harder to see on a small screen.  Let’s face it, in this day of immediate gratification from the internet, viewer don’t have the patience to watch someone go back and forth through 12 different parameters and menu diving. Its old so there is no Software interface I can install. Note: There is some software from a 3rd party, but I’d have to pony up big money………and I don’t even know how well it would work.

So even a simple Google Search of guitar effects will show tons of videos about the latest pedals and perhaps plugins.

Don’t let Google or Youtube (Which are the same company btw) fool you. There is some really great FX out there which are 20+ year old but don’t get any love. Unless it is brand new, has 2 or 3 knobs to turn & has the latest and greatest hardware specs and features, hardly anybody talks about it.

I may do videos showing I use some of my gear, but I gotta tell you it would be a lot of video work to do so because I’m not using a simple pedal nor using plugins. Its much more difficult to video rack gear and even harder if I’m using two piece of rack gear and mixing them together.