Does the old technology of vinyl really sound better?

After reading a New York Times article about how nowadays record labels really don’t make music like they used to, I thought about something specific the author said in regards to vinyl.

Interestingly one of the marketing bullet points for the superiority of CD was greater dynamic range available compared to vinyl. In fact this is true as the technology of CD and digital does allow for more dynamic range in the music.

But what have the record labels and engineers been doing over the last couple of decades? Squashing the dynamic range. (Dynamic range is the range of volume between the loudest and softest parts) And they keep squashing the dynamic range more and more so there is literally no volume difference between the different parts of the song. Its all LOUD.

So although digital is a better technology with better sound quality and better dynamic potential, the creators are destroying the dynamics. Vinyl has decent dynamics because people produced music with dynamics in mind back then. You just wouldn’t destroy the dynamics in order to make songs super loud.

And this leads to my final comment for today: Never has there been a time to create so much high quality bad music.