More on the Art Form of Guitar

Getting into a position where you are really good at any instrument is hard. Like really hard. As in imagine how hard it would be and times that by a hundred. And perhaps in today’s world of internet “Tips & Hacks” and people in the mindset of short term gains, this may be the reason there are even fewer guitar players out there who really want to go after this Art Form of Guitar.

For sure there were people who used to do so, and it showed in the music they made. But why go through that emotional and time consuming labor when you can just be a kooky personality and do Youtube videos showing off the kookiness of guitar and or doing pedal reviews.

Now that’s all Kool & the Gang, but for sure there are fewer and fewer people dedicated to this Art Form of Guitar.

So no, people don’t play guitar like they used to because there are easier ways of getting attention and more lucrative ways of making a living with your guitar.

But a tiny few of us do dedicate our lives to this beautiful art form. And we are going at it to breakthrough with new & exciting ways of making music and expressing ourselves through this amazing instrument.

I hope you’ll be there listening. :)