Am I supposed to be listening to your guitar or your pedals?

Hahahahaha. I had a conversation with Strymon about their El Capistan pedal. I learned a lot about the pedal by using it for my Tales from El Capistan EP. Most people don’t know this, but you can actually apply some compression with this pedal. Yeah its a delay pedal, there is some compression there……read the manual.

The Strymon guys were happy that I just used the pedal to make music and experiment with sounds. The Tech support guy said that he gets tons of guys calling in on how they’ve been playing with the pedal for hours turning knobs and what not….and they just can’t get the pedal to sound satisfactory to them. They keep complaining about the sound of the echoes from the pedal.

The tech support guy and I both agreed that they aren’t even using the pedal to play songs and listening to how the pedal can enhance their overall tone or how they can really use it in a song. Instead they are busy farting out notes on the guitar and listening to the pedal only.

Note: Since the El Capistan records and echoes back what you play into it, and you aren’t a very good player…..ummm……what do you think the pedal is going to output? Shitty playing in, get shitty sound out. No matter how you tweak the knobs.

So I listen to many of the bands out there with the guitar players and their fancy pedal boards with boutique pedals. There is hardly any original sound of the guitar left, just a massive wash of the sounds of pedals.

There is more to this overall story as a guitar does need to lay back and hang in the groove when a singer is singing or someone else is taking a solo.

I don’t know if some of these people are making music anymore as they are busy listening to their effects rather than listening to their own music making and using effects to enhance and sculpt amazing tones.