"Why do I even bother...."

I see this comment made every single time a video is posted of a young child brilliantly playing a piece of music.

For example a 9 yr old drummer playing drums to a Rush song. And then drummers say, “Why do I even bother playing drums.”. Yeah I know it seems like the thing to say, but I don’t think you are really listening to yourself.

Why do you even bother? Well I hope you have a reason for choosing to play an instrument. If you can’t answer “Why”, then it all becomes a chore. More like something you’re supposed to do like the dishes or laundry. Self confidence comes in knowing why.

What difference does it make if a 9 year old can play a Rush song better than you. You don’t know anything about the video you just watched. You don’t know if its been overdubbed, or if the sound has been manipulated a bit in order to get you to watch and listen. Even if the child can play it well, you don’t know if the child is even happy about it. Are the parents pushy and have pushed pushed the child?

The rare thing would be that the child willing gets up to play and practice without having parents tell them to do it. That the child prefers to sit and practice rather than play video games with their friends. That’s more of a sign of an unusual work ethic for such a young age.

Before I get too far off topic…..again who cares if a young child can play a song better than you. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is for you to figure out why you are choosing to play an instrument and to remind yourself of it. If you can’t do it, you’ll rarely pick up and you’ll always feel like crap about it.