Why everyone....yes even you reading this.....should learn how to code.

I don’t code for a living. I started doing some simple coding in middle school and in college I discovered I was quite good at it. But I was horrified at the thought of doing it for a living. Hell no.

So after reading many online comments from people over the years, watching news media, and listening to news media, and listening to conversations with people……… there’s a problem.

Now you may think knowing even the basics of computer coding is not important for your life nor is it even important for your job. I’d say you’re wrong. You may not know it, but your whole life is surrounded by computer code……you just don’t know it.

Your car? Yeah its computer code controlling many of its functions unless you drive a very very very old car. Microwave? The computer or mobile device you are reading this on? Social media, e-mail….Yup….lines and lines of computer code.

The reason why you should know some coding is not so you can do coding for a living nor even a hobby, its so you can understand the world around you a bit better. And even more important to understand what’s bullshit and how things actually work. I find it quite exciting to know how things are working underneath….even if its just the basics.

Remember Y2K?? I shook my head during all of 1999 at how many people were driven into a panic and how news media continued to misinform people. Meanwhile those of us who were geeky enough to know some coding just sat there and said…..”This is impossible! This isn’t how computers and coding actually work.” NO I wasn’t worried about Y2K and just went about and enjoyed my New Year’s Eve.

Today? “Smart” people are busy looking at specs such as how fast is the processor in the latest tech gadget? Is it using the latest processor? What about the latest TVs? Yep…..they use processors and there is computer coding going on. But quality of the coding is what really matters…….the human aspect…….the coding skill level of the person writing the code. That’s what matters.

See….if you understood coding, you would be able to tell when a salesperson is feeding you bullshit when trying to sell you a product. You would at last have a basic understanding of how things work. You could also help yourself when you have problems and need tech support. Because at least you could talk intelligently to a support person. And also know whether that person on the phone knows what the Hell they are talking about.

If you have children…..they NEED to learn how to code. Even if they don’t do it for a living. Yeah……I think knowing how to code is just as important as learning how to read and write.

Dig in…..it will be worth it. Promise.