Not into Pop or're irrelevant.

Well as far as today’s modern music industry is concerned….yes, what I do as Saint Luminus is irrelevant.

This also means if you like music which is NOT Pop or Hip Hop, the modern music business also considers you irrelevant. They don’t feel your music tastes matter, and are more than happy to ignore you for the “cool kids.”

This means new music in genres you like will only get on your radar through social media, e-mail, and word of mouth.

But this works both ways… far we who like music other than Pop/Hip-Hop are concerned, the modern music industry is irrelevant. We don’t care and don’t need them to find the music we like. We get to choose who we listen to, when and where we listen. The music business can no longer dictate what we should be listening to.

Give them the finger, and tell them to shove it up their ass. People like us choose to listen to something which they don’t offer.