Freeze Dried Entertainment...

That’s what Zappa called the modern music industry at that time. The pre-packaged, rigid formatted & marketed entertainment.

Funny how not much has changed in the 30 years since Zappa made a comment like that.

And yet despite offering what the music industry didn’t care for, he grossed over 1 million dollars in mail orders. Even back then, there were still people who wanted real music, real talent, real creativity.

Although it seems the masses of people prefer freeze dried entertainment, there is still a large group of us who want music the way its always been. Original, real, risky & unique.

It is my firm belief that if today’s popular music keeps going on with rigid, unoriginal & freeze dried formats, its only a matter of time before lines of computer code will do the work. Yup…..that’s a lot of people in the production line who will be out of work.

Best to be more human, take the risk,.

If you’re reading this, then you already know. Best to avoid Freeze-Dried entertainment. Its bad for your health.